Monday, 28 July 2014

Lizzie, Earls Court

Street Style - Elizabeth Renfrey, Hyper Japan
Over the weekend, myself and Mission PR new girl Elizabeth Renfrey hopped off to Hyper Japan for all things cosplay and kawaii. Lizzie dressed the part in a stupendously pretty outfit she picked up in Tokyo, and quite naturally, I couldn't go home without taking a few photos on an enviously fancy street. Follow her London adventures on her blog, Broke About Town, including one or two remarkably bendy photos of yours truly.
Street Style - Elizabeth Renfrey, Hyper JapanStreet Style - Elizabeth Renfrey, Hyper Japan Street Style - Elizabeth Renfrey, Hyper Japan

Sunday, 27 July 2014

Robinson & Dapper

It may surprise you to hear that, before this weekend, I hadn't a clue how to tie a proper bow tie. Shocking, I know. Truth be told, however, nearly all my bow ties are self-tied with fastenings, so when I opened a parcel from Robinson & Dapper one morning, and I saw the loose - albeit beautifully patterned - fabric, I very almost recoiled in fear. All that looping and folding... Such a frightfully fiddly business! But in the world of menswear, knowing how to tie a bow tie is a rite of passage for all men, and I supposed it was about time I finally earned this important piece of gentlemanship. 

Robinson & Dapper bow tie
I had contemplated filming a how-to video to accompany this feature, but I don't think you would have enjoyed an hour's worth of fumbling and stressy faces, as I repeatedly try and fail to fashion a length of tartan wool into something vaguely resembling a bow. But much to my immense relief, I eventually got the hang of it. And just as the brand suggests, it is rather dapper indeed, especially over a staple white shirt, which accentuates the greys and claret red of the tartan plaid.

Robinson & Dapper bow tie Daniel Wellington watch Summer evening Robinson & Dapper bow tie Robinson & Dapper bow tie

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