16 October 2017

Leaf Xia SS18

The eccentric SS18 collection from Chinese designer Leaf Xia was an eruption of colour and pattern against the dark backdrop of the Freemasons' Hall. Each ensemble on the marble runway was a visual delight from head to toe, featuring block colour dresses and jackets, patchwork, pleats and ribbons. These are garments for the bold and the brave, although I honestly would be keen for a menswear collection to match.

Leaf Xia Leaf Xia Leaf Xia Leaf Xia Leaf Xia Leaf Xia Leaf Xia Leaf Xia Leaf Xia Leaf Xia Leaf Xia Leaf Xia

8 October 2017

Nicola Brindle SS18

Through the haze and pinkish hue, the Nicola Brindle discotheque had come alive. The runway was a polished dancefloor that mirrored a scene of decades past, in which ladies sporting big hairdos and 70s-esque attire threw their best shapes to a retro playlist. Framed behind them, the name of Nicola's SS18 collection, "Essex Girl", cut the air with its jagged and glittering typeface.

Nicola Brindle SS18

Upon entering The Hospital Club's makeshift dancehall, it became immediately clear to me this collection would be a fun one. I have a lot of time for designers who break from the norm of the catwalk, preferring presentations with plenty of movement, energy, and a rocking soundtrack. Nicola's was no exception; the electric atmosphere she and her team had created in such a modest show space perfectly complemented her striking SS18 collection, which seeks to reclaim the term "Essex Girl" from the grasp of its modern-day stereotype.

Feminine, 70s-inspired silhouettes are lavishly adorned with stars and lightning bolts. Denim flares and metallic pantsuits command the dancefloor, while custom No Basic Bombshell earrings swing with every spin and turn. The pictures speak for themselves - Nicola Brindle SS18 is a strong and sexy collection that is as powerful in its message as it is in appearance. Certainly, "Essex Girl" makes reference to a bygone era of disco devotion, yet it is far from a throwback. It is a reflection of the present and ongoing future of female independence.

Nicola Brindle SS18 Nicola Brindle SS18 Nicola Brindle SS18 Nicola Brindle SS18 Nicola Brindle SS18 Nicola Brindle SS18 Nicola Brindle SS18 Nicola Brindle SS18

19 September 2017

Laura Doggett, Strand

Street Style - Laura Doggett, London Fashion Week
Spotted shortly before the Sophia Webster presentation, singer-songwriter Laura Doggett wears an Anthropologie dogtooth dress, Zara aviator jacket, ASOS shoes, and a Vivienne Westwood bag.

2 August 2017

Millennial Pink

Tonight Josephine
River Island three-piece suit | ASOS hi-top sneakers | vintage bow tie from Clobber, Bournemouth
It's not just Wednesdays we wear pink. Since it sprung onto the fashion and design scene in the spring of 2012, "Millennial Pink" has become the colour of today's zeitgeist. Although if we're to be pedantic, Millennial Pink is not an exact colour, rather a term encompassing a wider range of soft and often warm pink hues embraced by millennial culture, ranging from the palest blush to a peachy salmon.

Towards the end of 2015, Pantone had named "Rose Quartz" as 2016 Colour of the Year, and suddenly Millennial Pink was everywhere. It was already nigh impossible to go one week without seeing the famously pink décor of Sketch London on your Instagram feed, and it seemed everybody and their aunt was after the new line of iPhones and Macbooks in rose gold. For those of you who enjoy your style blogs, you may have noted the soft pink colour pallette featured in the blog designs of What Olivia Did and Wish Wish Wish. And the recent tropical trend with its flock of flamingos is as much to blame for our indulgence in all things pink. Heck, even Gordon's jumped on the bandwagon this summer to début their - admittedly very tasty - Premium Distilled Pink Gin.

Tonight Josephine Tonight Josephine Tonight Josephine Tonight Josephine Tonight Josephine

Truthfully, I arrived a little late to the Millennial Pink party. I have yet to see The Grand Budapest Hotel (or any Wes Anderson movie for that matter), and I only recently thought to treat myself to a dusty pink, three-piece suit from River Island. Rather conveniently, the purchase coincided with my discovery of Tonight Josephine, a pink paradise beneath the streets of Waterloo - and perhaps my new favourite bar. Described by Secret London as the capital city's "most Instagrammable cocktail bar", the venue echoes 80s kitsch on top of the fashionably pink décor with its neon lights, mirrored ceiling and monochrome floor. Not to mention a flawless playlist of Blondie to Bruno Mars makes it all the easier to order one too many 2-for-1 cocktails.

With autumn on the not-so-distant horizon, critics and trend forecasters have suggested that Millennial Pink has reached its peak, and are predicting, understandably, a gradual departure from our rose-tinted wonderland. But in March of this year, The Cut described Millennial Pink as the colour that "refuses to go away", and as long as there exist as pretty-in-pink places as Sketch and Tonight Josephine, I'm very much inclined to agree. We shan't be forgetting our blushing romance any time soon.

Tonight Josephine

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