20 April 2017

Acuitis Eyewear


Graced with imperfect vision, glasses are a fundamental part of my individual style. Earlier this month, I was invited to explore the first UK flagship store for French eyewear label Acuitis, an impressive, glass-fronted shop unit less than 150m north of Tottenham Court Road underground station. Having arrived early for the breakfast preview, I was personally guided through the new store, the company's history and its collections by the brand's Creative Director, Frédéric Beausoleil.

Trained as an optician with a love for sculpture, Frédéric has been designing eyewear for thirty years. Many of his frames for Acuitis are handmade from cotton-based celluose acetate, although alternative materials include sustainably sourced bamboo, tortoiseshell and buffalo horn, the very kind with which Frédéric crafted eyewear as an apprentice. Further to these, there are designs that pay homage to prominent historical and present-day figures, such as Ray Charles, Maurice Herzog and the Dalai Lama. Add those to an entire wall of sunglasses, the Acuitis collection is both extensive and versatile, with designs to suit all faces.

The greatest pleasure of the morning, however, was to then be handpicked a pair of glasses by Frédéric himself, as seen in the above photograph. A complement to my darker ensembles, they feature similarly rounded lenses as my Silhouette frames (evidently an agreeable shape for my facial structure), yet it was apparent these glasses had been designed to be a statement accessory as much as an instrument for better eyesight.

Acuitis Acuitis Acuitis Acuitis Acuitis Acuitis Acuitis Acuitis Acuitis Acuitis Acuitis

12 April 2017

Helena Bordon, Boulevard des Invalides

(03-03-2017) Helena Bordon
Brazilian superblogger Helena Bordon wearing all Dior for label's FW17 fashion show at Musée Rodin.

26 March 2017

Beatrice Gutu, Rond-Point des Champs-Élysées

Street Style - Beatrice Gutu, Paris Fashion Week
Beatrice Gutu is a fashion and lifestyle blogger at The Fashion Cuisine. Spotted after the Each X Other show in Paris, Beatrice is wearing a vintage dress, jacket and bag, Zara corset and Miista boots.

21 March 2017

It's Morphin' Time! | Bobby Abley AW17

If, like me, you were born in the early 90s and aspired to join Zordon's multicoloured superhero ensemble, then Bobby Abley AW17 is a collection to be very excited about. Inspired by the iconic children's television series, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (available to binge watch on Netflix, FYI), the collection blends Bobby Abley's characteristically playful designs with the colours and imagery of Angel Grove's finest "teenagers with attitude".

Bobby Abley AW17

As I perched beside the LFWM runway and stole a glance at the press release, my inner child exploded with unbound elation. Admittedly, a part of me was also prepared for disappointment, having recalled the deficiency of Transformers imagery in Fyodor Golan's Transformers themed AW16 collection. Yet I was happily proven wrong as soon as the models hit the catwalk, sporting the recognisable rainbow of pink, yellow, blue, black, red and green. Tracksuits, sweaters and t-shirts emblazoned with dinosaurs, lightning bolts and the Power Ranger helmets were such vigorous nods to the franchise, I was half anticipating the finale to culminate in cries of, "It's Morphin' Time!" There is, however, such a thing as taking a theme too far.

Beside its Nineties nostalgia, the best part of the Power Rangers collection is that it joins the relatively new trend of "See Now, Buy Now", in which many of the pieces are already available to purchase. This is especially timely in light of brand new Power Rangers movie hitting cinemas this Friday, because there is little chance I want to wear anything else to the midnight screening. Power up!

Bobby Abley AW17 Bobby Abley AW17 Bobby Abley AW17 Bobby Abley AW17 Bobby Abley AW17 Bobby Abley AW17 Bobby Abley AW17 Bobby Abley AW17 Bobby Abley AW17 Bobby Abley AW17 Bobby Abley AW17 Bobby Abley AW17 Bobby Abley AW17

13 March 2017

Silent Pool Gin

When I'm not gallivanting around London or Paris and pretending I know what's what in fashion, I spend my working life in the village of Albury. Owned by the Duke of Northumberland, the Albury Estate is a quaint and picturesque region in the Surrey Hills, defined by its intricately designed chimneys and generous splashings of green paint. Beyond the architecture and beautiful countryside, however, Albury is home to one of the finest gins in existence. (And trust me, I have an entire shelf of gins of which to compare.)

Silent Pool Gin

Silent Pool Gin, named after the natural spring from which the distillery gets its water, is a refreshing 43% ABV spirit made with twenty-four botanicals, including lavender, liquorice root, juniper and local honey. There are those who may contest that gins become overly complicated with numerous ingredients, and yet the Silent Pool blend is a masterpiece of spices, citrus and floral notes, which, when complemented by the recommended twist of orange peel, accomplishes a taste unlike any other you might find behind the bar - even if you frequent the likes of Holborn Dining Room, said to be London's most extensively stocked gin bar.

I was first introduced to Silent Pool Distillers after the architectural practice for which I work drew up plans for the conversion of derelict farm buildings into the present-day distillery. Since 2014, the unassuming timber-clad barn has produced the iconic blue-bottled gin - and sister spirits - in a beautiful Arnold Holstein copper still, and shipped its handiwork to restaurants, bars, departments stores and independent stockists in the UK and abroad. Albeit for me, having the distillery on my doorstep means I can easily pick up a bottle straight from the source, forever fuelling my love affair for an ice-cold G&T.

Silent Pool Gin Silent Pool Gin Silent Pool Gin Silent Pool Gin Silent Pool Gin Silent Pool Gin Silent Pool Gin Silent Pool Gin Silent Pool Gin Silent Pool Gin Silent Pool Gin Silent Pool Gin Silent Pool Gin Silent Pool Gin Silent Pool Gin Silent Pool Gin Silent Pool Gin Silent Pool Gin Silent Pool Gin Silent Pool Gin

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