Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Chiara Ferragni, before Chloé

(08-03-2015) Chiara Ferragni
The bloggers who attend Paris Fashion Week are in an entirely different league to those I see in London. The street style scene is dominated by the superbloggers, who change from one designer outfit to another between shows. I suppose in spending much of their life in front of their own camera, they are all too happy to stop for a few more photographs. Chiara Ferragni, pictured here in all Chloé, is rarely never smiling, and she never looks less than glamorous.

Sunday, 26 July 2015

Molly, Little Marlborough Street

(25-07-2015) Molly
Molly finished secondary school this summer, with plans to study Psychology, English and Art at college in September. She wears Dr Martens boots and an Urban Outfitters jacket.

Monday, 13 July 2015

The 2015 Chap Olympiad

The annual Chap Olympiad is an event of such eccentricity, it takes seeing to believing. I suppose the best way to describe it is like a school sports day, albeit the competitors are dressed to the nines in vintage attire, sipping on Pimms and summer cocktails, and participating in challenges so utterly preposterous they may well have been conceived over a few too many glasses of champagne. I mean, where else would you see two combatants jousting with umbrellas on Boris bikes?

Donning my smartest tweed trousers and tartan waistcoat, I observed the surreal - nevertheless sophisticated - sportsmanship with awe and wonder. In its eleventh year, it was clear to see many of the participants had plenty of prior experience in these bizarre games, including "Well Dressage" and "Tea Pursuit". The games' slapstick humour along with the compère's fantastic wit made for an extraordinarily entertaining afternoon, and I would certainly be keen to go again next summer, perhaps even participate in a spot of "Not Playing Tennis". It is the quintessential sporting event for those more concerned for the apperance of their perfectly pressed trousers than actually crossing the finish line. Extra points for sock suspenders.

Chap Olympiad 2015
Ray Ban Clubmaster sunglasses | vintage Michelsons of London tie | Uniqlo shirt | Topman tartan waistcoat
tan belt | Topman tweed trousers | Madcap England Cuban heels boots
Chap Olympiad 2015 Chap Olympiad 2015Chap Olympiad 2015 Chap Olympiad 2015 Chap Olympiad 2015 Chap Olympiad 2015Chap Olympiad 2015 Chap Olympiad 2015 Chap Olympiad 2015

Friday, 3 July 2015

Rigby & Peller, Knightsbridge

Lizzie Renfrey, Rigby & Peller

It ought to come as no surprise that lingerie isn't a subject matter in which I have much knowledge or personal experience. To be completely frank, my most significant experiences involving lingerie have been unfastening my girlfriend's bra, or trailing alongside a friend as they peruse endlessly the underwear department of a generic high street store. As you may suspect, I don't find the latter nearly as exciting as the former.

That isn't to say I don't appreciate lingerie with respect to fashion. In fact, I find it rather curious. Whereas most garments are made to be exhibited, lingerie is a side of fashion unseen, because it is often hidden from all but the wearer. And yet there are so many elegant, sometimes intricate designs.

No truer could be said of the pieces at Rigby & Peller, Britain's longest serving corsetieres and lingerie retailer, which - with Royal Warrant of Appointment - curates ready-to-wear and couture collections, as well as made-to-measure. My invitation to their Knightsbridge boutique wasn't the first occasion I had been mistakenly offered a complimentary bra fitting, but I rolled with it. Any other man might look creepy taking photos of ladies' lingerie; thankfully I'm a fashion blogger, and I brought my close friend, Lizzie, just in case.

Rigby & Peller, KnightsbridgeLizzie Renfrey, Rigby & Peller Rigby & Peller, Knightsbridge Lizzie Renfrey, Rigby & PellerRigby & Peller, Knightsbridge

Albeit almost unassuming under the shadow of Harrods, Rigby & Peller's recently relaunched flagship store has everything it could possibly provide its loyal clientele: twenty luxury lingerie labels to suit all shapes and sizes, styles for each and every occasion, and - for the perfect fit - a bespoke design service on its basement level, where a dedicated team can create truly unique pieces to meet a customer's every whim and fancy.

To celebrate the store's re-opening, I was kindly invited for a free tour and fitting. As you may have guessed, I don't fully possess the required anatomy for womanly undergarments, but Lizzie was all too eager to take my place in the fitting room. Little surprise she looks infinitely sexier in a silk and lace night dress than I ever would. (Not that you - or I for that matter - want to imagine the latter.) She even ordered herself a set of Maison Lejaby lingerie, which we will feature in the very near future.

Having no interest in trying on ladies' underwear myself, the visit didn't excite me in quite the same way as it did Lizzie. However, unlike those times when I had been dragged around your average lingerie retailer, it didn't feel intimidating in the slightest. Perhaps it was the refreshing absence of garish decoration, sex toys and posters of semi-naked women? Nevertheless, as comfortable as I felt waiting outside the changing room, Rigby & Peller is ultimately a woman's domain. And by their reputation, one may argue theirs is the most outstanding lingerie styling service a woman could wish for.

Rigby & Peller, Knightsbridge Rigby & Peller, KnightsbridgeRigby & Peller, Knightsbridge Rigby & Peller, Knightsbridge

Rigby & Peller, 2 Hans Road, Knightsbridge, London, SW3 1RX |

Thursday, 25 June 2015

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