Friday, 20 November 2015


Joseph Kent
Topman wool overcoat, roll-neck jumper & leather belt | ASOS slim jeans | Round glasses c/o Silhouette
leather chukka boots c/o Matalan
In an attempt to be a fully-fledged grown-up, you may have seen from my social channels that I very recently moved to London. It's been a fairly comfortable transition from suburban home comforts to a life in the big city, although my adamant refusal to leave my very enjoyable day job in Surrey for a position conveniently closer to my new abode does require I endure 6am alarms and a long-ish drive to and from Guildford, followed naturally by an indescribable longing to catch up on sleep. But when I head back into London in the evening, I always look forward to seeing my flatmates, three of my best friends no less, who are ultimately responsible for keeping me (relatively) sane. And if and when I choose not to hibernate, there's so much of London to explore.

Silhouette Eyewear Montford Place

In other important news, Unlimited by JK turned five years old last week, which was a gentle reminder I ought to focus on my blog the teeniest bit more, especially as my move to London has opened up more opportunities for new content. However, given my occupation requires I sit at a computer for hours on end, I dont often fancy doing the same when I'm at home, hence why my fashion week features are weeks late. But I'd rather push for quality than quantity, and I stopped monitoring my page views months ago.

Among my pledges to improve my content and become a better blogger, I'm aiming to post more personal style, certainly now I have friends nearby (as nearby as the bedroom next to mine), who kindly offer to shoot for me. Today's photographs, for example, were taken by Lizzie, who you may have previously seen on my blog wearing a Lolita inspired outfit, or quite possibly some rather sexy Rigby & Peller lingerie. (Speaking of which, we'll finally be shooting our follow-up lingerie feature very soon.)

I have a lot of love for autumn/winter fashion. Or to put it another way, I didn't need to pack away my summer wardrobe, because it doesn't exist. Not only do I have a coats cupboard all to myself, it's entirely possible I own more jumpers than my flatmates combined. Roll-necks are my absolute favourite right now. I like to think of them as the cosier alternative to shirts. As seen here, I like to wear mine underneath an overcoat, with slim jeans and leather boots, which has since become my typical autumn day attire.

Matalan Morley Leather Chukka Boots Montford Place Joseph Kent

Sunday, 15 November 2015

Jamie Wei Huang SS16

Jamie Wei Huang explores the idea of afterlife in her SS16 collection, aptly titled "Nibbana", which translates as "hereafter" in the traditional Buddhist language. Where light and white fabrics represent the concept of heaven, the vivid reds and blues of the garments represent the notion of hell, reinforced by devil motifs. Away from the metaphorical imagery, the collection remains true to Jamie Wei Huang's contemporary aesthetic, incorporating tassles, metal buckles, and leather details previously seen in her AW15 collection.

Jamie Wei Huang SS16 Jamie Wei Huang SS16 Jamie Wei Huang SS16 Jamie Wei Huang SS16 Jamie Wei Huang SS16 Jamie Wei Huang SS16 Jamie Wei Huang SS16 Jamie Wei Huang SS16 Jamie Wei Huang SS16 Jamie Wei Huang SS16 Jamie Wei Huang SS16 Jamie Wei Huang SS16

Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Fashion Bloc launch party at Kaizo

Fashion Bloc
Lako Bukia knitted dress | Labàdienà snapback | Zsigmond Dora Menswear t-shirt & shorts
(Photograph by Edek Goralski -
When Tazz and I turned up fashionably late for the Fashion Bloc launch party, we hadn't necessarily counted on spending our evening as impromptu fashion models. But within ten minutes of our arrival, Tazz was getting her hair done, and I was squashing mine under a snapback.

Based in London, Fashion Bloc is a brand new platform pushing Eastern European designers to the foreground of fashion retail. The private party at Kaizo hair salon in Shoreditch prepared the guest bloggers and stylists for a shoot with photographer Edek Goralski, styling garments and accessories specially selected from Fashion Bloc's independent designer collective.

Although I prefer to remain behind the camera, I braved a Zsigmond Dora Menswear ensemble, comprising a printed t-shirt and avant-garde styled shorts, topped off - quite literally - with a Labàdienà baseball cap. It was a particularly summery look compared with Tazz's choice, an extremely snug Lako Bukia knitted dress, which transformed her into a human-sized teddy bear.

Fashion Bloc Launch Party Fashion Bloc Launch Party Fashion Bloc Launch Party Fashion Bloc Launch Party Fashion Bloc Launch Party Fashion Bloc Launch Party Fashion Bloc Launch Party Fashion Bloc Launch Party Fashion Bloc Launch Party

Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Silhouette Eyewear

As you may have gathered from the rare occasions I turn the camera on myself, glasses are my staple accessory, albeit more so for their optical benefit than the possibility they make me look vaguely smarter. They are essential for driving, taking photographs, tracking down friends in Infernos, and experiencing the world in HD quality. However, since they are on my face for most hours of the day, they are as important a style decision as any other.

Silhouette Eyewear

A few weeks back, I was invited to Chiswick for a private appointment with Silhouette, specialists in lightweight eyewear. Despite presenting me with what appeared to be their entire collection, the team knew immediately which of their frames would suit my face, picking out these full-rim glasses with round lenses. The tortoiseshell pattern is a product of double dip-dyeing, which in essence makes these specific frames unique.

The full-rim frames are just as light as Silhouette's rimless designs, for which they are well known. So light, in fact, I almost forgot I was wearing them. And by no means do featherweight materials suggest weak materials, so the Silhouette team tell me, although I would prefer not to test their claim right this minute. It would be a shame to break my new favourite spectacles.

Silhouette Eyewear

Monday, 26 October 2015

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