Sunday, 21 September 2014

Richard & Ruby, The Strand

Street Style - Richard & Ruby, The Strand
More often than not, my favourite street style photos from fashion week aren't of the show-goers, but of passers-by. Richard and Ruby may not be dressed as outrageously as the fashionistas in the Somerset House courtyard, but I don't go to photograph outfits, I go to photograph people. When I put my eye to the camera and aim my lens, I want to capture a moment. And if the subject so happens to be a snappy dresser... Well, that's simply a bonus.

Saturday, 20 September 2014

Grey Fox, Somerset House

Street Style - David Evans, London Fashion Week
David Evans heads up Grey Fox, a fashion and style blog aimed at men in their forties and beyond.

Monday, 15 September 2014

Toga SS15

First impressions are almost everything in fashion. When a designer holds their spring/summer showcase in as exquisite a venue as the St Pancras Renaissance Hotel, arguably one of London's most beautiful buildings, there are expectations of grandeur. Toga SS15 lived up to those expectations with beautiful antitheses -  a collection swathed in pale gold and rich hues, artistically combining soft and floaty fabrics, such as chiffon and tulle, with more durable materials, such as denim and leather.

Toga SS15 Toga SS15 Toga SS15 Toga SS15Toga SS15 Toga SS15 Toga SS15 Toga SS15 Toga SS15

Friday, 12 September 2014


Three o'clock on a Saturday afternoon, thirty-one floors above the sprawling streets of London, a young blogger oversees the final preparations for her long-awaited networking event. Bartenders prepare the welcome drinks, brand representatives set up their stalls, and the Scarlett London team prepare the Twitter raffle for their one hundred and fifty guests, due to arrive in little over half an hour's time.

I'm all for organising a shindig, but I don't think I could have pulled together a big blogger event right before my second year at university. #bloggersfestival is the ambitious brainchild of Scarlett Dixon, of Scarlett London fame, providing a space for like-minded bloggers to meet, mingle, and browse a handful of cool brands. Held in the Paramount events space atop Centre Point, more than three hundred feet above New Oxford Street and Tottenham Court Road, the venue offered breathtaking views of the surrounding capital - a perfect backdrop for this buzzing event. Cupcakes on every stall, DSLR cameras hung from shoulders like prized Mulberry bags, and celebrity make-up artist Gary Cockerill was on hand for VIP makeovers. With my own camera pointing in every which direction, not once did I see a disappointed face. Read more about the event from Scarlett herself at:

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