28 February 2011

Joseph and the Technicolour Wardrobe

If there's any aspect of fashion that people would associate with me, I reckon it would be colour co-ordination. I've always loved colours ever since I was a young boy, when I produced supposedly beautiful drawings with my collection of crayons and pencils. Nowadays, my love for colour can be found in my collection of clothes.

Although I have lapsed slightly since coming to university, for a long time I've been co-ordinating what I wear according to colour. Jumpers, ties, shirts, socks... Even underwear. Colour is a vital deciding factor when constructing an outfit for the next day.

White shirt, New Look; v-neck jumper, Republic; tie, Next
Today, for example, I opted for green. My v-neck jumper and slim tie are almost the exact same shade, and stand out strongly against my white shirt. It's an arrangement I've worn before whilst in Sixth Form and - although at the time received plenty of criticism from my 'colour-phobic' peers - an outfit I do enjoy wearing. It's vibrant, it's vivid, and it's smart.

Another colour co-ordinated example is the combination of a purple check shirt and a purple skinny tie. If I really wanted to go crazy, I could also include a purple jumper or cardigan and purple trousers, but I'd rather not overdo it. Thankfully, a pair of purple socks is as further as I will go.

Check shirt and tie, both Topman
And that, my lovely bunch of coconuts, is all I will speak of today. So go a little mad with some colour yourselves, and watch out for more personal style posts in the near future.

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  1. Loved this post Joe, more of them needed! Company's Editor Victoria White snaps her work outfits every day of the week, and this is just as intriguing!


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