16 June 2011

Autobot belt

As I haven't bought any new clothes since going sock-shopping (although I wish it weren't the case), it'll only be a somewhat short personal style post today, in which I shall be addressing a question that has popped up on several occasions I've been out and about in the evening...

"Where did you get that Transformers belt, mate?"

The answer: from River Island. But unfortunately for those guys who were so in awe by my Transformers-themed belt buckle, the high street store no longer stocks them.

The belt was in fact an 18th birthday present from my friend, Claire, who picked up on my gleeful comment about the belt whilst in River Island weeks before. Pulling away the wrapping paper from my birthday gift, I was amazed she had remembered - especially since I had forgotten about the belt myself.

The reason it caught my eye in the first place was naturally due to my love of sci-fi action movies, including the Transformers series. For readers who haven't watched the Transformers movies or read the original comics, the buckle is the emblem of the Autobots - the human-friendly robots, who vow to protect Earth from the destructive forces of the evil Decepticons.

As far as I can remember, River Island has been producing belts with iconic symbols for buckles for a good few years - the most popular being the Batman and Superman logos. Because of my surname (Kent), it seemed appropriate at the time to purchase a Superman belt, however it was the Autobot belt that won my interest. Since then, I've been hoping River Island would produce a Decepticon belt to wear as an alternative, but alas I have had no such luck. Currently, the coolest belt buckle in River Island - at least in my opinion - is the mushroom from Nintendo's Mario games.

However, whilst in London during the Easter holidays, I visited Camden for the first time and found - much to my delight - many shops selling the Decepticon buckle, in addition to hundreds of other iconic symbols, including the Andy Warhol banana. But to my dismay, the buckle alone cost the same as my Autobot belt as a whole (£16.99), so I came away empty-handed.

Nonetheless, there is always the trusty world-wide-web, or when I return to Camden during the summer, perhaps I can have a go at haggling. To be honest, I really don't have enough belts, so some novelty or quirky ones will almost certainly spruce up my outfits. Or in the case of my Autobot belt, transform them. [insert groans due to bad joke here]

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