2 October 2011

Vintage Tie

Pokesdown, just east of Bournemouth, is a vintage hotspot with a number of vintage and antique shops along its high street. Yet in spite of living in Bournemouth for over a year, I paid my first visit to Pokesdown only the other week.

Browsing in the various boutiques, I came away with a woollen tartan tie from Vintage Per Sempre (originally from Michelsons of London) for only £3. I have already worn it once when reporting on the Grand Grotesque Parade, although with such a beautiful blue, green and white pattern, I hope to wear it again soon.

However, I also love the fact it is a wide-knot tie, which is a significant difference to my other much slimmer ties. In my opinion, wider ties can make more of a statement than their skinny counterparts, particularly in this case, where the pattern is very eye-catching.

There's an odd sense of satisfaction when I tie its knot, for which I always remember a small piece of advice from GQ: "Don't forget the dimple: when straightening your tie, stick your index finger into the knot at the front to achieve the desired dent." Unsurprisingly, this basic tip helps me to create the best shape for the knot.

But this one accessory won't be my only taste of yesteryear fashion. On Saturday 8th October, I shall be attending Judy's Affordable Vintage Fair at Bournemouth Pavilion, where I may indeed add to my newly found taste in vintage style. Keep an eye out for a blog post and photos this weekend.

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