15 August 2012

Gentleman in Soho, London

Hugh is my favourite person to have photographed, not only for his impeccable style, but for his friendly and charming character. As talkative as he was dapper, we had a conversation on the street corner for more than twenty minutes, from which I learnt that he is a Park Ranger in Croydon, studied biochemistry at university, understands Latin, and (unsurprisingly) values the importance of face-to-face conversation.
He wears a Burberry coat, Ben Sherman suit, waistcoat from Paris, shoes from
Foster & Son, shirt from Emma Willis (with collar by Budd), Churchill classic bow tie
from Turnbull & Asser, and hat from Bates. He could not tell me where his umbrella
originated, however did suggest the best shop for quality umbrellas is 'James Smith
& Son' on New Oxford Street.
A fashionable and most interesting gentleman; it was
a true pleasure to have made his acquaintance one sunny afternoon in London.


  1. This is the best picture ever. He looks amazing. Love it!

  2. Best dressed man I've seen in a while!



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