31 July 2012

Vote for Unlimited by JK [VIDEO]

As you may have heard, Unlimited by JK has been shortlisted for "best established fashion blog" in this year's Cosmopolitan Blog Awards. Although the initial euphoria has since died down, I am still chuffed to see my blog gain some well-deserved recognition.

Funnily, I am the only male blogger and street style photographer in my category, which just goes to show that Cosmopolitan are not just looking out for the traditional, female orientated, personal style blogs. Is this an advantage for me? Maybe.

Please share this blog post, or the video below, and do also remember to vote, which you can complete via the following link: www.cosmopolitan.co.uk/blog-awards-2012-vote

(P.S. It would appear I pull odd faces when I talk.)

30 July 2012

Camp Bestival

Rick is a morris dancer, however describes himself to be "darker" than the more
commonly-sighted white dancers - "We don't dance around with handkerchiefs."
His battered top hat is decorated with sea gull feathers he found on a beach, plus a
variety of pins he has collected, including his father's bowling badges.
His overall
style is perfected by his mane of hair, and gingery moustache and beard

29 July 2012

Today, I'm wearing...

I am in Stoke Newington today for the Mod Dolly tea party, which is yet another occasion to dress up. Therefore I am wearing my new favourite shirt, a purple dress shirt from Zara, only £9.99 in the sale. I love the sharp collar, emphasised when the shirt is buttoned all the way up. I have teamed it with my teal blue River Island jumper.

In keeping with the purple theme, I am also wearing a pair of coloured trousers in grape-purple, plus complementary pink checkered socks. The final accessories are my black leather brogues from Clarks, which, although slightly worn, still spruce up any outfit.

At the time of writing, dark grey clouds have blanketed the sky, with spots of sunshine trying to burn their way through. I only hope the capital is not too rainy this afternoon - with the recent heatwave, I left my rain coat back at home in Woking.

28 July 2012

Philippa Long A/W 12 Preview

Interview to feature in Pebble Zine.

"[I want] to try to encourage people to invest in pieces that are a part of their heritage."

The other week, myself and fellow BAMMJ Tazz Gault interviewed fashion designer Philippa Long at her A/W 12 preview evening in Notting Hill. The interview will feature
in a new and upcoming publication 'Pebble Zine', which will be officially launched Sunday 30th September. Do not miss it!

The photo above is a sneak peek at Philippa Long's new collection. Tazz fell absolutely in love with this particular blouse, made with sheer fabric and a velvet collar. Other pieces incorporate an African-inspired pattern in wintry nuances of deep red and muddy purple, akin to the colours of mulled wine. The collection will be available at Wolf & Badger.

(Follow @pebblezine on Twitter.)

27 July 2012

Hyde Park, London

Aisling is a fashion/beauty blogger at 'Fash-ling'. She wears an eclectic range of
designer and high street fashions - Tory Burch shoes, Oasis trousers, Celine bag,
H&M top, Topshop necklace, Michael Kors watch, Zara blazer, and Mui Mui
On a personal note, I tremendously adore her auburn hair.

26 July 2012

D'Arblay Street, London

(as featured at FishSoho.com)

Eoin is a paper conservator for the British Museum - a role befitting his dandy attire.
He wears Reiss trousers and waistcoat, Marks and Spencer shirt, second-hand tie,
satchel from eBay, and Clarks shoes. A suave ensemble for the London gentleman.

(The above photo was also published at www.fishsoho.com/blog)

25 July 2012

The poet, Bournemouth

By day, a mobile caterer; by night, a performance poet. Zoë was waiting for the
Freeway Poets evening at The Winchester, which sees poets and storytellers from
locally and afar perform their art on stage. Zoë wears Clarks boots, and all else
is from charity shops. Her personal style is influenced by folk and indie music.

24 July 2012

Hyde Park, London

Lily is a blogger at 'LilyLipstick'. She wears her grandmother's sunglasses, hat from
Australia, New Look dress, and bracelet from a Marrakesh market. Her contemporary
Mondaine watch was a gift from her father, when she started work at a law firm.

23 July 2012

Cloud nail art

I am obviously not a beauty blogger, but I am fascinated by women's nail art.
Here is my sister's cloud nail art - simple to paint, yet effective.

22 July 2012

Daisybutter, Hyde Park

Michelle is a style blogger at 'Daisybutter'. Her day job is an assistant product editor
for luxury childrenswear website 'Alexandalexa'. She wears New Look shoes,
Mulberry Alexa bag, Topshop skirt and top, necklace by Wallpaper Rose,
and her belt is from Hong Kong. (Click the link in red to visit her blog!)

21 July 2012

On the street, Bournemouth

(as featured by FishSoho.com)

Antony is from Russia. His outfit is sharp and pristine, with small details, such as his
silver Longines watch and Ray Ban sunglasses in colour pop red, perfecting the look.
I'd love to see more men dress as well as him. He also wears Zara coat and jeans,
Hugo Boss shirt with contrasting collar, and matching Kenzo shoes and belt.

(The above street style photo was first published at www.fishsoho.com/blog)

20 July 2012

Brighton Fashion Week ~ Aneta Mackonyte

The last showcase from Brighton Frocks to feature: Aneta Mackonyte's "RainboWarrior" collection, inspired by surrealism and occultism. A quirky mish-mash of colours, prints and embroidery. (Learn more at www.behance.net/anetamackonyte)

19 July 2012

Brighton Fashion Week ~ Dumpster Couture

Dumpster Couture designs unique and bespoke outfits, created from - as the label suggests - material that would have soon become rubbish, such as cardboard packaging, magazines, leaflets and shredded paper. The intricacy of the pattern structures is much to be admired. (Learn more at www.dumpsterdesign.co.uk)

18 July 2012

On the street, Bournemouth

Amelia was in Bournemouth town centre, collecting money for Hospital Radio Bedside,
a charity radio station broadcasting to five hospitals in South-East Dorset. When she
isn't volunteering, Amelia's daytime occupation is a freelance journalist. She wears
laced boots from Schuh, bag from the Philippines, Primark tights and sunglasses,
H&M earrings, New Look shorts, and Hospital Radio Bedside polo shirt.

17 July 2012

Star Wars Olympics

In this Olympic year, the sports theme is seeping into fashion, and my favourite example so far has to be this Star Wars t-shirt from Next. Suffice it to say, I snapped it up faster than Usain Bolt can sprint the men's 100m (okay, maybe not that fast).

For a reasonable £18, the t-shirt pleases my inner geek. This is now my second Star Wars t-shirt, but for its comical cartoon, this is my favourite of the two. The illustration depicts three Stormtroopers, Darth Vader and Boba Fett, all raring to race in what could either be a Star Wars equivalent of the Olympics, or perhaps a corporate day out for the Galactic Empire. I like to think that Darth Vader would implement Force speed and outlap his fellow contenders, but admittedly, he is more or less an asthmatic.

In fact, the t-shirt's graphic reminds me of an occasion not too long ago, when I had the pleasure of watching two Dorset Troopers race each other at the Kinson Donkey Derby. It is not everyday you see a Scout Trooper and a Shadow Trooper running the 100m.

But aside from its sci-fi resplendence, I have also noticed the Star Wars t-shirt feels softer and somewhat thicker than my other t-shirts. Of course, this is no less than a good thing, since comfort is key to any purchase. I suppose you could argue that paying a little extra for something as basic as a t-shirt does indeed make a difference.

16 July 2012

Earls Court 2, London

In the midst of creating his own street style blog, Lee was surprised to be photographed
himself. He is originally from Korea, now living in London to study English. He wears

Descente shoes, coat from Korean brand 'Black Yak', and all else is vintage.

15 July 2012

On the street, Bournemouth

Elena, from Southampton, was out for the day with her boyfriend. She mentioned she
was considering studying journalism at degree level, which is always good to hear!
(Naturally, I recommended Bournemouth University.) Elena wears Principles bag,
Primark skirt and top, and gecko necklace from Miss Selfridge.

14 July 2012

Olympic Torch in Bournemouth: Part 2

Christchurch Road, Pokesdown

The Olympic torch passes through Pokesdown on Saturday 14th July, carried by
18-year-old trampoline gymnast Nathan Bailey, who holds the current rank of

Junior World Champion. Christchurch Road is packed with onlookers, with
those outside Pokesdown for Boscombe railway station spilling into the road.

@lisaculling: "Can't believe how many turned out for the Olympic torch.
Well done #Pokesdown, you did us proud. #OlympicTorchRelay #torchbmth

Olympic Torch in Bournemouth: Part 1

Wimborne Road, Winton

The Olympic torch passes through Winton on Friday 13th July. Thousands of local
spectators are lined along the entire stretch of Wimborne Road, savouring the ten
fleeting seconds to glimpse and cheer on the torchbearer. Minutes after, the street
is quiet again and normality resumes, but the moment will remain a fresh memory.

@SteveBaileyEcho: "The phrase everybody in Bournemouth keeps using when
you ask about what brought them to the #torchrelay is 'once in a lifetime'"

13 July 2012

Brighton Fashion Week ~ Charles of London

Charles of London is an independent rock'n'roll fashion label - its collection incorporating retro pop culture and British punk rock vibes. Models wore an array of colourful prints, including the Union Flag and neon leopard print, plus eye-shadow not dissimilar to that
of music icon David Bowie. (Learn more at www.charlesoflondon.com)

12 July 2012

Brighton Fashion Week ~ Jylle Navarro

The showcase from alternative knitwear designer Jylle Navarro turned men into monsters, as they staggered and crept along the runway in experimental outfits of colourful yarn. The creepy performance on the catwalk reflected the collection's inspiration from such horror imagery as Frankenstein's monster and Swamp Thing.
(Learn more at www.jyllenavarro.co.uk)

11 July 2012

Brighton Fashion Week ~ Oh My Honey!

This collection of beautiful dresses from 'Oh My Honey!' reminds me a lot of Disney princesses. Bright colours, satin material, a touch of sparkle... Too elegant for a school prom, so why not a grand ball? (Learn more at www.ohmyhoney.bigcartel.com)

10 July 2012

On the street, Bournemouth

Samara is from Spain, but she moved to Bournemouth to study English. Her sandals
are from Primark, her bag is from Morocco, and all else is from Spain.

9 July 2012

Ledbury Road, London

Amy previously worked for Wolf & Badger, but is now an employee of YuMiHu.
She wears shoes by Salvatore Ferragamo, bag by Alexander Wang, skirt by
Dries Van Noten, Cos knitwear, and Marni for H&M coat.

8 July 2012

Earls Court 2, London

Henrietta went to Graduate Fashion Week to see the Nottingham Trent show.
She wears Prego glasses, and rain mac by Danish brand 'Danefae'.

7 July 2012

Green without envy

When one still has birthday money to spend, one tends to become overexcited at the promise of an ASOS sale. A few hours of browsing followed by a few clicks of the mouse, and I had ordered myself two new accessories, both coincidentally in the colour green.

The first purchase is a JanSport backpack, made with patterned wool outer and suede finishings. It is true I usually favour a messenger bag over a rucksack, but I have recently been suffering from shoulder- and back-ache, due to carrying too many heavy items all at once in my satchels. Therefore I opted for the practical solution of buying a backpack, however without compromising on fashion.

The bag is strong and extremely comfortable, even when loaded with my notebook computer, camera, additional lenses, and a packed lunch - handy for a day at London Fashion Week! I also find it to be very stylish in its green and black checked aesthetic, although the suede does mean I cannot wear it in the rain.

The second purchase was more of a treat than in anyway a necessity. These are a pair
of green suede derbies with leather soles, the second pair of green shoes I now have the pleasure of owning - the other being Converse trainers. But when it comes down to smart footwear, I am finding the routine black and brown leather to be slightly boring at times. These suede shoes are a snazzier alternative, and in their forest green shade, they work remarkably well with all my formal attire. Not to mention they match up perfectly with my new JanSport backpack!

6 July 2012

Bad Magic, Boscombe

Chris is a guitarist and lead vocalist in rock band 'Bad Magic'. He wears boots
from tReds, homemade necklace, and all else is from Primark.

5 July 2012

Punk rock chic, Bournemouth

(as featured by FishSoho.com)

All-black, studded leather, tinted shades... I couldn't ignore Billy's slick dress sense.
He is presently studying Theatrical Hair & Make-Up at Bournemouth College. He wears
Boy London cap, ASOS clubmaster sunglasses, Next shirt, The Ragged Priest biker
jacket, River Island holdall, and Underground creepers. He didn't know where he had
bought his jeans, apparently owning too many to be sure. His necklace was a gift.

(The above street style photo was first published at www.fishsoho.com/blog)

4 July 2012

Carnaby Street, London

Alex recently graduated from Central Saint Martins, where he studied Textiles Design.
I'm digging his safari-styled outfit, with floral shirt and tie. He wears Fred Perry shoes,
Hackett waistcoat and blazer, Olney hat, shirt and tie from Liberty, and Ray Ban glasses.

3 July 2012

On the street, Brighton

Angharad studies Art at Brighton University - the reason for her paint-flecked
Doc Martens! She also wears
Urban Outfitters jacket, dress from 'Beehive'
vintage and record shop in Greenwich, and bowler hat from a charity shop.

2 July 2012

Brighton Fashion Week ~ Jenivieve Berlin Millinery

Wear one of these hats to Ascot and you will receive more than a few bewildered stares. JB Millinery designs outrageously styled hats,  made with fluoro colours and geometric structures - "...controversial headwear for those that dare to be different." As the quote suggests, they will not be to everyone's taste, but these colourful hats take confidence. Artistic and creative, they symbolise a keenness to explore fashion, a virtue I believe to be paramount to any designer. (Learn more at: www.jbmillinery.com)

1 July 2012

Summer blogging

Funny story - I had stated on Facebook that I would be taking a break from blogging today. That didn't last long, did it? In all seriousness though, my housemate might be correct when he says I am treading a fine line between dedication and a blogging addiction. I cannot disagree with him.

But moving on swiftly, I offer you a round-up of what will be happening this month and beyond, including a new and exciting project...

Firstly, having finished my second year at university, I can now look forward to a long summer filled with fun past times (hooray!) and dissertation research (boo!). Thankfully however, my dissertation topic concerns fashion blogs, therefore I will be calling upon the many wonderful contacts I have made over the past year for their views and input. Yes, you know who you are, fine ladies and gentlemen!

Which brings me nicely onto the central event of July - the bloggers' picnic in Hyde Park. At present, I will be a lone man among a sea of stylish ladies brought together by a mutual interest in blogging and looking pretty. There will definitely be cupcakes, and I am sure I will not arrive empty-handed either. Plans for the bloggers' picnic on Saturday 21st July are currently "in the works", but hopefully a casual game plan (and possible plan b in the circumstance of rainy weather) will be revealed soon.

Also happening this July, more street style! At least I hope this is the case. I had also mentioned on the Unlimited by JK Facebook page that I will no longer be blogging on an absolute daily basis, but after today's desperate need to publish something, this may not work out well. Hence street style photos will be an even more regular occurrence.

The only issue I have with this, however, is that I need a month's worth to cover my time away at the end of summer, when I am on holiday and then on a work placement. Blogging and photo-taking will obviously be limited. I can seek comfort in the fact that afterwards is London Fashion Week, but until then, my salvation lies in the outfits of Bournemouth's fashionistas, wherever they might be. Although a couple of trips into London and hanging about in the right places could certainly provide me with my street style quota if needed.

And finally, the exciting project: "Pebble Magazine" - a new webzine covering fashion, music, culture, lifestyle and beauty, plus a wide array of topical features. Its conception was not my doing, but I have been assigned the position of Assistant Editor, so I shall be undertaking many responsibilities. At the moment, it is nothing more than an idea, slowly taking shape into what I hope will be something gripping and eye-catching. To follow our progress, you can follow @pebblezine on Twitter.

And that is about it for now. You can always find out more throughout the summer via my Twitter (@unlimitedbyjk). Thank you for your support and interest - it means a lot!

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