21 December 2013

Desk to Dancefloor

When I was invited to style a Marks & Spencer suit for both the desk and the dancefloor, I didn't anticipate how hard that might be, given my all-round disposition for smart attire. In truth, what I would wear to the office and what I would wear to the office party may have very few differences, if any at all. The lines between business and pleasure are often blurred in my life, and perhaps that has come to reflect in my choice of outfits.

M&S Suit

Nonetheless, were I to let my proverbial hair down at the end of a working day, the most proficient means to switch from work to play would be simply to change my shirt. After a long and potentially mind-numbing shift at the office, even a small alteration can breathe a fresh lease of life into an outfit and, consequently, an individual's mindset. For example, I have swapped my white shirt and orange tie for a blue shirt with contrasting buttons, which, while maintaining sharp lines and a pop of colour, appears better suited for the bar than the boardroom.

M&S Suit M&S Suit

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