12 December 2013

Who's that girl?

It is no secret that Maddy and I have a penchant for 'New Girl'. Since she introduced me to the quirky American sitcom, many lazy evenings have been spent on the sofa together, following the mad and dysfunctional lives of Jess and her kooky flatmates, Nick, Schmidt and Winston. As housemates ourselves, I guess we could relate to the hilarious storylines and enthralling character dynamics. (Or perhaps we just love watching Zooey Deschanel prancing around in cute dresses.) Maddy naturally found an affinity with Jess - and not just because they are telepathically connected by the same fringe.

Maddy Watkins - New Girl fashion

If you were to go looking in Maddy's wardrobe, you might just have a Narnia moment and fall into Apartment 4d. Pretty dresses, polka dots and patterned jumpers are aplenty. We had often mused about having a New Girl themed photo shoot, and with Zalando having compiled their own New Girl fashion edit, we couldn't help feeling inspired to finally give it a go. I can only suspect Maddy has given up trying to shake off her repute as a real-life Jess, because she won't live it down after today!

Maddy Watkins - New Girl fashion Maddy Watkins - New Girl fashionMaddy Watkins - New Girl fashion Maddy Watkins - New Girl fashion

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