2 May 2019

Spring in my Step

Arkk Copenhagen Asymtrix
Ray Ban sunglasses | Hawes & Curtis shirt | ASOS jeans | Arkk Copenhagen Asymtrix Mesh F-PRO90 [gifted]

I used to be hesitant of wearing white trainers. The thought that I might potentially tarnish their pristine glow with even the smallest of smudges would set me on edge. But they've become a staple accessory for many of my spring/summer ensembles - a flash of tasteful streetwear that completes a coloured suit or, as in this instance, complements a floral shirt.

After putting my all-white ASOS hi-tops through their paces, I thought it was time for another style to join the ranks, and I couldn't help falling for these Asymtrix sneakers from Arkk Copenhagen's newest collection. As is typical of Scandinavian design, there is cleanness and simplicity in their neutral colourway, combined with the comfort and utility of the mesh and leather upper with a chunky F-PRO90 sole. Arkk describe them as a "90s-inspired reinterpretation of the dad shoe", yet I think the minimalist design is almost futuristic in appearance.

I chose to wear my sneakers as part of a smart-casual look over the recent Easter weekend, teamed with black skinny jeans, statement socks to make my ankles pop, and one of my favourite Hawes & Curtis patterned shirts that superbly mirrors the blossom and spring blooms. There's a distinct spring in my step as I amble along my sister and brother-in-law's street in Royston, Hertfordshire - it may be my soaking up the sunshine and readying myself for summer to officially commence (that February heatwave was a right tease), or perhaps it's the simple truth that my new sneakers are terrifically comfortable?

Arkk Copenhagen Asymtrix Arkk Copenhagen Asymtrix Arkk Copenhagen Asymtrix Arkk Copenhagen Asymtrix

Shoes courtesy of Arkk Copenhagen, however all views are my own | Photos shot lovingly by Leanne Kent

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