21 November 2010

Arc Leg Jeans: A Review

When strutting your stuff means waddling your stuff

When I first discovered Arc Leg jeans on the Topman website about a year back, my initial reaction was more or less 'WTF?' only without the crudeness. With the crotch dropped to near enough the knees, this extreme version of carrot jeans seemed to suggest that the young men of today prefer to waddle rather than walk. It was only recently whilst in Exeter that I finally managed to find a pair and try them on. The result... You'd be better off with a different cut.

Priced at £44 from Topman, denim Arc Leg jeans are worn on the waist and hang low at the crotch, with the legs then tapering down towards the ankles, which, according to Topman, gives "an almost hareem look".

For long-legged people such as myself, this style benefits in making the body look somewhat more in proportion, since when worn with an untucked shirt or top, it gives the impression the hips are lower than actuality without the need for pulling down the waistband. The tight fit on the lower half of the legs also allows those of a slimmer frame to maintain an appearance of slimness, just as with skinny jeans.

The issue with this style, however, is its impracticality and discomfort when walking. Having tried to move in these jeans, I found I could not take as big as strides as usual, and in addition, found the loose denim below my actual crotch flapping about unnecessarily. Wearing and walking in them was, to say the least, irritating.

Notwithstanding, I will admit that these jeans must have appeal to some individuals, for why else would Topman continue to restock the style? But for me, and I would guess for many others too, paying £44 for a pair of these would be a waste of a purchase. Save your money for something else.

(To see Topman's full range of Arc Leg jeans, visit the Topman website)


  1. Alexandra Adeniya26 November, 2010

    I think that it is a style designed for a certain body shape. Slimmer men might as well not bother because it looks strange and there is no added comfort which is what the design is initially for.
    I think that if you are lucky enough to work the look, then go for it.
    However, what we have seen a lot of this summer is the Vivienne Westwood inspired drop crotch chino's, a definite preference from the Harem Jean and more cost effective at just £30 on ASOS.


  2. Thank you so much. For one who shops online, you review saved me both time and money because when I first saw them I was like WTF too.

  3. Anonymous01 July, 2011

    I like em. I would agree that, not all the differnet cuts work, some do others really do the job.
    You simply have to shop around and find right fit, then go rock em!!!


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