5 January 2011

Men's Flare Jeans: A Review

Not only for disco

My personal pair of flare jeans from Topman
Question: Am I really the only guy who wears flare jeans? For 2 years I have owned a pair of flare jeans, and in those 2 years I have spotted no other guys wearing any. I can't seriously be the only one, can I?

My friends back home have criticised my choice for wearing flares, but I believe they're a stylish solution to a relaxed look without the need for buying baggy or larger sizes. Hanging on the hips, flare jeans are loose down the leg, flaring out from the knee downwards. And although this flare hides half your feet, it is particularly useful in preventing them from looking ridiculously big or long, which I find can happen when wearing slim- or skinny-fitting jeans with certain shoes.

Topman jeans currently on sale
As for what to wear with flare jeans, I've found they go well with all sorts of upper-body attire, especially long sleeve tops or lone jumpers, where the sleeves are pushed up to the elbow. Shirts are also an excellent option - smart-ish shirts open by two or three buttons if you're going for the smart-casual look, or, of course, a casual shirt for that laid-back style.

But don't take my word for it. Pop into town and try on a pair! Okay, I'll admit that when you look in the mirror, you may think you look like you've walked straight out of the 70s (I still do sometimes), but I assure you that - should you buy a pair - you will not be disappointed. Just choose the right colour and size for you, and you're away!

(To check out the current choice of flare jeans, visit the Topman website)

Warning: wearing flares may cause unexpected renditions of "Stayin' Alive" by the Bee Gees. True story.


  1. Flares are in and harder than ever to find for men. These are the closest I have found.


  2. Love flared jeans mate though not easy to find! I was around in 70's so love them even more! If you dont have slim legs I think they help as skinny jeans just make u look fat!

    Well done.

  3. Been rocking the Flares for about 16 years, harder than ever to find. Topman were reliable but went in there the other day to find the only style they had was skinny, spray on skinny and carrot skinny... WHAT HAS HAPPENED TO THE WORLD!
    The quest continues, the flare is dead, long live the flare!!


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