13 February 2011

Personal Style

Although I am unsure whether you, my fellow readers, may or may not have any interest, I thought that - along with the usual trendspotting and other regular posts - I'd include the occasional update on my very own sartorial exploration.

The current state of my wardrobe at uni...
Not much, no?
First of all, I must make it clear that - as much as I love fashion - my wardrobe isn't extensive. In the past three or four years of enjoying fashion, I must've spent hundreds of pounds on hundreds of clothes and accessories, but due to a lack of style knowledge when I was younger, I spent my money on the wrong colours, the wrong sizes, the wrong cuts. The outcome was disastrous, though at the time it did not occur to me I was a walking wardrobe nightmare. Such horrific examples include wearing two cardigans of contrasting colours - namely magenta and green - at the same time, and layering myself up with an array of clothes three sizes too big whilst on holiday in New York and Edinburgh. Today, most of these clothes have been sent to the charity shops to be given new homes, and my current collection is relatively better suited though much smaller.

Don't get me wrong, I do wish my collection were bigger, however I've come to a point where I'm very conscious of my finances - perhaps because I'm a student - and thus it is now rare that I satisfy my style cravings, whereas before I was bordering on an addiction, shopping for clothes virtually every weekend. When I do treat myself though, I find it exceedingly satisfying.

Blue Chambray Shirt, Divided Collection at H&M, £14.99
Blue Chambray Shirt, Topman, £30
(Source: topman.com)
In the last week or so, I have made two purchases to satisfy my cravings: 

The first was a blue chambray shirt from H&M priced at £14.99. Similar to a denim shirt in appearance, it is light, comfortable, and of course looks great whether the sleeves are rolled up or not. I especially love the stitching detail, giving this particular item slightly more flair than the higher-priced Topman equivalent I spotted also. I've found it complements a pair of indigo jeans extremely well.

Green Raglan Jumper, Topman, £7 SALE
(Source: topman.com)

My second purchase, a green raglan jumper, came from Topman.com and was made only a few hours before this post was published. The jumper was reduced from £32 to £7, so naturally, it was an extremely tempting offer which I gave into very easily. However, what was most interesting about this purchase was that I was able to receive free delivery using a supposedly expired promotional code! With standard delivery costing £4 extra, I searched the web for discount codes, only to find them all expired. Nonetheless, out of sheer curiosity and a smidgen of hope, I entered the most recently expired code into the Topman.com checkout and it was surprisingly successful. Hopefully, the khaki green jumper itself will bring me just as much glee as cheating the system did.

And that, folks, is all I have to offer you for today. Keep your eyes peeled for more personal style posts in the near future!


  1. Love that you managed to get free delivery with an expired code! Very on the ball. What is it!?

  2. MVCJAN11 - it supposedly expired last month!

  3. I love your dress sense JK! I remember when I spotted you shopping for the perfect pair of trousers.


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