28 November 2011

Kaotichandbag grand opening, with John Chapman

Author and Star Wars actor visits new 'geek boutique'.

This Saturday gone, Pokesdown's newest vintage boutique, Kaotichandbag, officially opened its doors to customers, with special guest appearances from the Dorset Troopers and former Star Wars actor John Chapman.

John, who portrayed X-Wing pilot 'Red 12' in 'Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope', is now the author for children's book series 'Jonnie Rocket'. The comic-book styled stories portray a twelve year-old boy whose bike morphs into a spaceship.

"Jonnie Rocket is a young boy, who has a magic bike that morphs into a rocket," John tells me. "He's non-confrontational, so no weapons, and he always comes back to Earth with a moral message. But we describe it in an entertaining way."

John explains that during his childhood, his bicycle was his form of escapism - his main influence for the books' concept. And now through Jonnie Rocket, he hopes to inspire children in local schools. In his words specifically, John says, "I want to give children self-belief through the character."

The books, which John plans to animate into a 52-episode television series, will be sold exclusively at Kaotichandbag. Dedicated in its sales of sci-fi themed clothing, accessories, toys and homewares, the shop offers the perfect epicentre from which to expand the Jonnie Rocket fanbase.

Overall, co-owner Debbie Ward described the official opening as a "brilliant success, causing a scene in Pokesdown", thus continuing the momentum from the town's fruitful late night vintage shopping event the previous Thursday.

"It's all about getting noticed, drawing in new people." Debbie said to me. "One guy from Southampton, who met us as a sci-fi convention, came to Pokesdown specifically for the opening."

Kaotichandbag is a "geek boutique", where one can buy an assortment of retro, sci-fi and comic book themed fashions. If you want to learn more, you can 1) pop into the shop at 851 Christchurch Road, Pokesdown, Bournemouth, 2) watch the recent video interview, or 3) visit their official Facebook page.

(Sadly, I overslept and missed the Dorset Troopers, but if you fancy seeing photos of the Imperial visit [courtesy of the Tattoo Parlour Café], click here)

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  1. cheers Jk. shame you missed the troopers but never mind. by the way i have found our stash of bow ties, cummerbunds and frilly shirt fornts will bring to the boscombe vintage market tomorrow sat 3rd dec in royal arcade - if i don't see you i will put them somewhere i can find them in the shop! deb


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