26 February 2012

Inbar Spector A/W 12

Inbar Spector's new collection is graceful yet extravagant in its design. Puffy and draping dresses in pastel tones - similar in appearance to candyfloss - walked the marble runway. Metallics were also present in decorative jumpsuits, which glistened richly in the bright white light. Furthermore, models adorned jewelled veils over their faces, adding to the lavishness of the entire collection.

The last piece in particular seemed inspired by the traditional wedding dress, with a flurry of white material swathed around the model. Gold jewellery added a final glittery touch.

Overall, the showcase produced the best response I have so far seen from an audience,
as those watching soon began to applaud each outfit individually, as well as the whole collection during the finale. For such beautiful pieces, I was not surprised it mesmerised the crowd. It is a wonderland collection designed to captivate.

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