7 June 2012

Pokesdown documentary [VIDEO]

Despite having lived in Bournemouth for a year already, I did not venture to nearby Pokesdown until September/October of last year. But since that first trip, I have come
to love the village for its vintage vibe, wonderful people, and - as I have said often - its genuine community spirit.

Roxanne Kapperud, Chair of the Pokesdown Community Forum, said those who visit Pokesdown "feel all the enthusiasm and the love that people have here for each other", and for me, this is entirely true. It is by far one of my favourite places in the world, and hence why this mini-documentary, filmed over the Jubilee weekend, is dedicated to the community that makes Bournemouth's Vintage Quarter so special.


  1. Anonymous07 June, 2012

    Brilliant, a great piece of work. As a 'pokey person' I think you have done us proud! Thank you!

  2. I love this! It really showcases how proud the community are of their area, makes me happy to say i've been there! :) Well done.

  3. Absolutely LOVE this video! Everyone seems so lovely! There were a couple of shops in there I recognised but it's definitely a place I don't visit often enough. I just don't go shopping very much, but next time I do, it will definitely be in Pokesdown. Bournemouth and Poole are just soulless and make me depressed to walk around them.


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