1 February 2013

Pebble Zine, Issue 3

Xmas holidays at home, work placements and Miami have meant I have had very little time in Bournemouth to work on the new edition of Pebble Zine. But the team have done me proud with an even stronger issue than the previous.

Ruby and the Ribcage

Alongside the magazine's traditional album reviews, fashion trends and food porn, this new issue features - among many other wondrous things - an interview with 'Ruby and the Ribcage', photographs from San Francisco, and a sportswear-inspired fashion shoot by the young and talented Saskia Lawson.

We also feature our coverage from the recent London Collections: Men, including an interview with À La Disposition's Daniel Kinne, with whom we discussed the fashion label's movement between striking womenswear and its equally creative, début menswear collection. Likewise, fashion editor Tazz Gault reports on our favourite designers from the three-day showcase: Jenny Schwarz, Orschel-Read, and Hentsch Man.

I could not be happier with our third issue. In particular, I am extremely pleased with the many unique illustrations that grace its pages throughout. Have a read, find as many as you can, and let us know which ones you like.

A La Disposition

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