31 May 2013

Endings & Beginings

This is it, the final day of my journalism degree. Although the first day of my first year at Bournemouth University feels so long ago, the past three years have been a whirlwind. Each year, I have progressed in skill, knowledge, confidence, passion and ambition, and I hope this trend continues into the working world.

Unlimited by JK, while neither an assignment or obligation of my degree, has obviously played a huge role in my studies. It has acted as a compass in my career, it has influenced my coursework, and it has helped me attain so many goals I had never thought possible in September 2010. I must offer particular thanks to Liisa Rohumaa, who introduced me to the world of fashion blogs before I had even secured a place at Bournemouth University, and who has rooted for me since the beginning of the blog. It was only fitting that she assumed the position of my dissertation supervisor this year, and without her guidance, I would have been completely lost.

In commemoration of this final day, tonight is the long-anticipated BAMMJ Ball, which I have been arranging for my coursemates and lecturers during the past couple of months. Despite a few stressful moments, it has been a joy to organise, and I hope the evening goes smoothly for everybody, even if it is a bittersweet reminder that this chapter in our lives has come to an end. I shall miss my friends terribly.

But I do not want to be a pessimist. There awaits a new chapter in my life, one which I am admittedly unsure of, yet one which I am extremely excited for. The job hunt is ongoing, but I know where I want to be heading. In the very near future, I am looking for freelance work as a street style photographer during the Fashion Week season, and in the distant future, I aspire to be a multimedia content producer for a fashion and lifestyle magazine. I recently learnt a BAMMJ graduate from 2008 was appointed Acting Online News Editor for British Vogue, therefore there is hope for this graduate-to-be.

Journalist, photographer and blogger - I hope you will stay with me as I journey onwards. Though the rest of my life is no more than a bubble of potential and possibilities, I look forward to whatever may be around the corner. Thank you for standing by.

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