12 June 2013

Drop the BassBuds


I have an odd relationship with music. When a song I like starts playing, I tend to start dancing. Nothing strange about that, you may think, until you see me moonwalking or body popping down the meat aisle in the supermarket, much to the embarrassment of my friends. Throw an MP3 player and a pair of headphones into the mix, I suddenly become the star of "Dance Like Nobody's Watching".

When shooting street style, I acknowledge that headphones are now as much a fashion accessory as a bow tie or necklace. BassBuds recently sent me these in-ear headphones from their Fashion Collection, so at least I will look stylish when my friends disown me for dancing the robot. A three-tone colourway plus Swarovski Elements crystals are the key aesthetics to the design. BassBuds pride themselves in having twenty colour options to choose from, and I suspect more styles are around the corner.

But ultimately, the most important aspect of the design is the crisp sound quality, which is matched only by its counterpart, the bluetooth Bassboomz speaker. Unlike headphones, a portable speaker is not something I would always have on my person, yet I am mightily impressed by the sound that comes out of this device, given how small it is. If summer intends on returning, I should like to listen to music in the garden again.

Bassbuds Bassbuds Bassbuds Bassboomz

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