11 July 2013

Pitango Bikes launch party

Pitango Bikes

Bicycles are beautiful things. And by 'bicycles', I am not referring to the cheap two-wheel deals you get from Halfords. I am talking about sleek and sturdy cycles, built for sailing down suburban streets, or darting through the city.

At the launch of Pitango Bikes' new collection, I could not help lusting after their elegant designs. I have yet to invest in a proper bicycle, i.e. one that will last more than two years, and Pitango have certainly captured my interest. Although costing £375 upwards, their bikes are fully customisable, maintain beautiful aesthetics, and will serve the rider well for years on end. I suppose I will have to start saving.

Pitango Bikes Pitango Bikes Pitango Bikes - Fleur McGerr

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