4 October 2013

Zatchels press day & Jacky Tsai collaboration

Satchel company Zatchels has launched a limited edition collaboration with Chinese artist Jacky Tsai. This exclusive collection of "wearable art" follows on from Jacky's previous fashion exploits, including Alexander McQueen spring/summer 2008 menswear and his own range of cotton t-shirts.

Zatchels x Jacky Tsai 

Each of his designs has been digitally printed onto the leather with pinpoint accuracy, offering unbroken artwork. The collection features his iconic floral skulls, which will be exhibited at Harvey Nichols in Manchester for Vogue Fashion's Night Out. Jacky Tsai is hopeful that consumers will appreciate both his art and Zatchels' craftmanship in these statement accessories.

Zatchels x Jacky Tsai

Zatchels has also previewed another new addition to its colourful collections, the 7-inch Micro Satchel. The bag can be described as dinky in comparison to its larger siblings, with only enough room for the bare essentials - purse, phone, keys and perhaps a couple of cosmetic products. It is a minimalist accessory for a pop of colour.

Zatchels Micro Satchel

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