9 March 2014

The pickle of packing

When it comes to packing, I wouldn't describe myself as particularly efficient. There are always pairs of shoes or items of clothing I never wear on holiday, yet I am adamant on stuffing them into my suitcase on the off chance I might need them. Even at university, I would fill an entire rucksack with all my socks, because I wasn't sure which ones I'd want to wear during a two week break at home. Madness.

Packing for Amsterdam

But the luxury of limitless luggage isn't available on EasyJet flights. Tomorrow morning, when I travel to Amsterdam for a three-night city break, I am permitted only one item of hand luggage. Hence this weekend's challenge has been to fit four outfits (plus shoes), my satchel and necessary gadgets into a small carry-on case.

Did I achieve it? Well, I couldn't pack as many fancy things as I'd have liked (one must look their best when travelling abroad, you know!), but at least I won't be walking around Amsterdam completely naked. Now tell me, how might I go about constructing an outfit from a hundred socks?

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