8 April 2014

Twinks Burnett, Vogue Festival

Street Style - Twinks Burnett, Vogue Festival
Whether in Bournemouth, Brighton or London, it is such a delight to bump into Twinks. Her vibrant and eccentric style perfectly matches her fun and colourful personality, and she has one of the biggest smiles you may see. Her confidence and creative flair have seen her go from strength to strength as a talented stylist and accessories designer. I wouldn't put it past her to become a next generation icon of the fashion industry.
Street Style - Twinks Burnett, Vogue Festival
If you enjoy Twinks' style, please vote for her to win Harrods Live! All you have to do is visit the Harrods Facebook page and 'like' her catwalk photo. The winner will receive £1,000 to spend in-store, and I can think of nobody else more deserving. Go, go, go!
Street Style - Twinks Burnett, Vogue Festival

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