7 June 2014


Cocktails are such a blogger cliché. Whichever blogger party I might find myself at, there is always some sort of colourful concoction floating around the room, fuelling the party buzz with its deceptively potent recipe. I suppose cocktails reflect us style bloggers, in the sense that, like an expert mixologist blends and balances different ingredients to create an appetising drink, we mix up fashions to create a visually appetising style.

Clichés aside, I do love a cocktail. And having sampled so many tasty recipes, I thought I would try my hand at mixology. For my birthday, my stepsister and her boyfriend very kindly bought me a cocktail shaker and the ridiculously useful Bar10der, a multi-purpose contraption, much like a giant Swiss knife, with all the instruments I need to zest, muddle and whatever else. I am a long way off from juggling bottles, mind, but I can shake ice like there is no tomorrow.

Of course, mixology can be an expensive craft, especially when you rack up more than a dozen bottles of spirits and liqueurs, not to mention the mixers, syrups, and all the other fiddly ingredient that go into these marvellous medleys. I can envision my bedroom will become a battle for space between this new hobby and my ever expanding collection of shoes. But which side will win?

I compare mixing cocktails to styling outfits, but in reality, my favourite drinks are not nearly as flamboyant as my taste in fashion. Whilst I love playing around with different recipes, simpler mixes are so much more drinkable. Amaretto, coffee liqueur and Irish cream, served over ice, is a personal favourite. "Dark And Stormy", made with dark rum and ginger beer, is also a sure winner. Even a Southern Comfort, lime and soda makes for a delectable refreshment on a summer evening.

Southern Comfort

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