14 December 2014


My heart may well have skipped a beat when I happened upon the Shinola store on Newburgh Street. There, in the window of this quaint shop, was one of the most beautiful bicycles I had laid eyes on. And surrounding it, a collection of handsome watches and leather accessories in brown, orange and green. I knew I had found a brand I might just fall in love with.


Originating from Detroit, USA, Shinola maintains a distinctively American quality. The premium leathers come in simple yet strong colours, and the products appear meticulously crafted, albeit still with that raw element one often finds with leather goods. More obvious indicators are the leather baseballs and basketballs, leather sleeved varsity jackets, and not to mention the American flag neatly folded atop a shelf.

Shinola iPad envelope

Although not a colour I normally take a fancying to, I was drawn to the orange leather in Shinola's collection for its bold and warming colour, especially in this wintry December. I took a particular shine to their iPad envelope - handcrafted, a classic design in supple leather, and quite simply a beautiful and practical accessory I am certain will look even better with age. (If only we all did!)

Ultimately however, my favourite colour is green, thus I also find myself leaning towards the Runwell watch with a green leather strap and black face. Recently listed by the Telegraph as one of the top 20 affordable watches to wear this season, it really is a fine timepiece. As are all the Shinola watches, I might add. Would it be too hopeful to expect one in my Christmas stocking? 
  Shinola Shinola Shinola Shinola Shinola Shinola Shinola

13 Newburgh Street, London, W1F 7RS (next to Carnaby Street) - or see the collection at: www.shinola.co.uk

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