14 May 2015

Burton Menswear | How to dress like a gentleman

Burton Suits SS15
Two-piece skinny-fit suit c/o Burton Menswear | ASOS shirt | Topman tan belt | Madcap England Cuban heel boots
Would it be immodest to describe myself as a snappy dresser? At the very least, it would be truthful to say my personal style leans towards the smarter end of the spectrum. Whether it's my regular smart-casual combo of a formal shirt and skinny-fit jeans, or going all out and donning a sharp two-piece, I strive to look the part, i.e. a gentleman. Of course, there's far more to being a gentleman than dressing up. A true gentleman is virtuous and respectable, and I would hope my appearance is a reflection of that mindset.

Not too long ago, I was approached by Burton to describe those attributes that make the perfect, modern-day gentleman. From dating and etiquette to grooming and style, there's much to be said about a man at their best. You can read my thoughts and those of fellow bloggers in Burton's own blog feature. But since this is a style blog, and not "JK's Genteel Guide to Gentlemanly Goodwill", here are my basic steps to dressing the part, with a little help from Burton Menswear, naturally.

In my opinion, the baseline must always be smart-casual, there's no compromising on that. The simplest look might be the staple white shirt with jeans, plus a pair of smart shoes, perhaps pointed lace-ups in tan leather, or brogues with a contrasting sole. A matching leather belt wouldn't go amiss either. If you want colour, layer up a bright, crew-neck jumper. Alternatively, take the look up a notch on the sartorial scale with a slim-fit waistcoat. Keep it summery by then rolling up your sleeves and fetching yourself a glass of Pimms and lemonade.

Then there's the suit, the go-to gentlemanly attire for all occasions. When buying your first suit, choose any colour but black. That's not to say a black two-piece doesn't look good in its own respect, however I would argue other colours (and patterns) are miles more stylish. My favourite suit colour is blue, although I also have much love for grey, so long as I don't look like I belong to wedding party. Again, a white shirt and matching belt and shoes give the outfit a simple elegance. A tie isn't even necessary, I figure (says the man with a dozen bow ties), but if that's ever my cup of tea, I'm all for something snazzy. Without a tie, I still prefer to button my shirt to the top for a sharper and cleaner look. Or for comfort, colour, and a throwback to the 1970s, I often swap the shirt for a roll-neck jumper.

Burton Suits SS15
This blog post is in collaboration with Burton Menswear. Thanks to Paige for photographing my outfit.

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