11 April 2016


A sharp outfit without a sharp hairdo is as unthinkable as gin without tonic. It's therefore no wonder I rarely leave my flat at the weekend without a stiff quiff in my coiffure. Every six to eight weeks, however, I place the all-important responsibility of re-arranging my hair in the capable hands of Joe, my barber, who works at the new Marylebone branch of Ruffians. Never quite achieving the same look at home, I prize the days I have my hair cut, knowing I look my very best when I exit the Edinburgh-born barbers.

Ruffians Marylebone
Skopes three-piece suit c/o House of Fraser | ASOS shirt | Next tie | Glasses c/o Silhouette
This weekend, my freshly cut short-back-and-sides was the perfect complement to my new favourite suit from House of Fraser. Not needing to don anything especially smart during the week, I look forward to the moments I can dress up for no other reason than that I fancy looking fancy. My friends say I should dress up every weekend, and I'm finding it hard to disagree with them. For me, there's no better ego boost than dressing well.

Delivering a style that fits my awkwardly tall and skinny build is my biggest challenge when choosing a suit, but I'm beyond delighted with this three-piece by Skopes. It fits so perfectly - broad shoulders, long legs and all - I almost forget it's off-the-peg. I equally love the metallic sheen in the charcoal fabric that detracts from the preconception of a dull grey suit. House of Fraser describes this three-piece as a "dinner suit", but I'm happier wearing it for a wander about town than a night on the town, married with my beloved Jeffery West boots and a Heart & Dagger herringbone overcoat.

Skopes Suit Ruffians Marylebone Ruffians Marylebone Ruffians Marylebone Ruffians Marylebone Ruffians Marylebone Manchester Square Manchester Square Skopes Suit Ruffians Marylebone Ruffians Marylebone Ruffians Marylebone Skopes Suit Skopes Suit Manchester Square

This blog post is in collaboration with House of Fraser. Hair by Ruffians.

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