8 July 2016

Heist Studios

Heist Studios

Tights are another fiddly piece of women's clothing I may never fully appreciate, even if they were traditionally worn by men in ye olden days. According to the musings of fellow fashion bloggers, tights are an indisputable essential. Except for when the weather is vaguely warm enough to go bare-legged, which evidently requires much rejoicing on social media. Living with three women, I have personally come to know tights as those sheaths of black or skin-coloured fabric hanging from the clothes horse like streamers on a bizarre Christmas tree. I don't think anybody knows for certain whose tights are whose, but we can all be certain none of them are mine.

Launched in October 2015, Heist Studios are an innovative hosiery label, producing tights of a higher caliber than the common high street retailer. Hand-sewn with a stronger and softer yarn from Northern Italy, the tights are fashioned to a seamless and gusset-less design, which, when combined with an equally seamless waistband, makes for comfortable and flattering legwear.

Understandably, I wasn't hankering to verify this information for myself, so I enlisted the generous assistance of one of my leggy lady friends, Georgia, to give Heist Studios' 50 denier tights (neatly named "The Fifty") a good walk about. In short, they live up to the label's promises of shapely legs and maximum comfort, with particular praise for the well-fitting waistband. Quite rightly, high quality hosiery does demand a few extra pennies, but if you go through tights like mugs of coffee, then perhaps a pair of stronger, softer, ladder-resistant tights is well worth the small investment.

Heist Studios Heist Studios Heist Studios Heist Studios

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