18 December 2016

Holidays with MR PORTER

MR PORTER's prelude to Christmas saw a Baker Street event space turned into a festive affair of gifts, grooming and gin cocktails. As the online menswear retailer showcased their favourite gifts and accessories for the holiday season, their guests were treated to a few pre-Christmas goodies of their own, as well as a selection of interactive experiences to perfect the art of gifting.

Among these, grooming brand Pankhurst London provided a pop-up barbershop beside the Sipsmith gin bar, calligraphers Lamplighter London monogrammed Montblanc passport holders to an ever growing queue of wanderlusters, and there was even pick 'n' mix sweets to satisfy one's inner child - without the extortionate cinema prices. And throughout the night, stationers Esme Winter wrapped present after present for guests to take home after their thoroughly festive evening.

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