20 February 2017

Charlotte Simone AW17

In the autumn of 2015, my flatmates and I fell in love with an American comedy-horror television series called Scream Queens, which followed the murders of a university sororiety. Equally as infectious as the entertainingly grizzly storyline were the outfits worn by Chanel Oberlin and her cohorts, in particular their affinity for faux fur. Therefore it wasn't long until the four of us had casually styled ourselves in their image.

Charlotte Simone AW17

Had we, however, thought to approach Charlotte Simone for our faux fur fix, we may have had to visit a Swedish furniture store for a separate wardrobe dedicated to all things furry. Founded by New York University graduate Charlotte Beecham, the British-based designer label is famed for its fluffy accessories and jackets made with both synthetic and ethically sourced furs, including the trademark "Popsicle" scarf.

Although I feel less than comfortable about real fur, I am pleased Charlotte Simone offers the choice of faux fur across all styles, especially when the colourful designs make for bright and beautiful winter garments. Among the new pieces for AW17 are signature stripy scarves, furry ankle cuffs, and the cutest teddy bear backback.

Charlotte Simone AW17 Charlotte Simone AW17 Charlotte Simone AW17 Charlotte Simone AW17 Charlotte Simone AW17 Charlotte Simone AW17

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