8 October 2017

Nicola Brindle SS18

Through the haze and pinkish hue, the Nicola Brindle discotheque had come alive. The runway was a polished dancefloor that mirrored a scene of decades past, in which ladies sporting big hairdos and 70s-esque attire threw their best shapes to a retro playlist. Framed behind them, the name of Nicola's SS18 collection, "Essex Girl", cut the air with its jagged and glittering typeface.

Nicola Brindle SS18

Upon entering The Hospital Club's makeshift dancehall, it became immediately clear to me this collection would be a fun one. I have a lot of time for designers who break from the norm of the catwalk, preferring presentations with plenty of movement, energy, and a rocking soundtrack. Nicola's was no exception; the electric atmosphere she and her team had created in such a modest show space perfectly complemented her striking SS18 collection, which seeks to reclaim the term "Essex Girl" from the grasp of its modern-day stereotype.

Feminine, 70s-inspired silhouettes are lavishly adorned with stars and lightning bolts. Denim flares and metallic pantsuits command the dancefloor, while custom No Basic Bombshell earrings swing with every spin and turn. The pictures speak for themselves - Nicola Brindle SS18 is a strong and sexy collection that is as powerful in its message as it is in appearance. Certainly, "Essex Girl" makes reference to a bygone era of disco devotion, yet it is far from a throwback. It is a reflection of the present and ongoing future of female independence.

Nicola Brindle SS18 Nicola Brindle SS18 Nicola Brindle SS18 Nicola Brindle SS18 Nicola Brindle SS18 Nicola Brindle SS18 Nicola Brindle SS18 Nicola Brindle SS18

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