1 January 2018



Happy new year, and welcome to the new-ish Unlimited by JK. I say "new-ish", I suppose it doesn't look too different to last year. Of course, you will have definitely noticed the snazzy new logo above, courtesy of the exceptionally talented Chris Watts, who took a jumble of 80s inspiration and created something unexpected, but somehow quite perfect. It's the first of many changes taking place in this tiny corner of the internet, as I finally get a grip of this blogging business and re-establish my brand identity - which after little over seven years, you'd think I'd have fine-tuned by now!

In a blog post I wrote in November 2015, shortly after moving to London, I pledged to be a more proactive blogger and post more engaging content, given that living in the big city would offer a plethora of opportunities. Two years later, it became quite obvious I had bombed that resolution. In actual fact, I hadn't felt especially inspired to shoot or blog for much of my time here, partly due to full-time work, but more so that I wanted to enjoy a social life outside of my blog, which had until then taken up the best part of my free time.

It was when I looked through some of my favourite street style photos from three and four years ago that I finally acknowledged my blog had since taken a downturn, and I committed to make positive changes in the new year. Because I do miss going out and about with my camera, which is the heart of Unlimited by JK. And despite the name, my content has admittedly become quite limited. Hence this much deserved refresh, with promise of all-new and exciting features.

It's at this stage that I was going to reel off a whole spiel about said changes, but I'd rather not bore you with the finer details at this moment in time. What you can expect, however, is a greater variety of lifestyle and personal content on top of the usual fashion features, including a secret-not-so-secret side project that I hope to reveal towards the summer. I mean, I'm allowed some air of mystery, am I not? 

So whilst I practice my flatlays and selfies for Instagram, order new business cards, and attempt to restructure my work-social-blog balance (any advice from fellow bloggers regarding the latter would be greatly appreciated), I shall also wish you all a successful 2018, and I hope to see you around these parts very soon.

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  1. Hi Joseph,
    I hope that this year we meet on the streets of Paris again. Your new updated blog looks great. I too am going to blog more (and create a web series). It seems that the lure and ease of Instagram took hold of me so it's back to blogging. Instagram will become just be the echo. Now just to get over this writers block. Happy 2018. The best is yet to come!


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