17 September 2018

Vintage Pink

Goodwood Revival

It should come as no surprise I have a penchant for pink. The precise moment it became my new favourite colour eludes me, although at some point last summer, I had definitely decided it would be a fabulous idea to purchase a pale pink suit, then take photographs of said suit in an ├╝ber-trendy, pink basement bar.

So when I stumbled upon a pair of opal pink Ray-Ban sunglasses on EyeWearThese, it made perfect sense that they should complete my flamingo-inspired ensemble. Although the online eyewear retailer had plenty of other popular brands and designs to choose from (especially since I fancied a very different style to my existing Ray-Ban Clubmasters), there had been little doubt my passion for pink would be upstaged by anything else.

I was made doubly happy knowing EyeWearThese also provided prescription lenses, which, given the company's history as working opticians, I had hoped would be the case. Nonetheless, it's too often a shame I come across a pair of super-snazzy sunglasses, only to then learn the brand or retailer in question doesn't offer the option of a prescription. I think we can all agree it's much more pleasant to see the world in HD quality. In the case of my new sunglasses, the world also comes with a rose-tinted filter.

Soon after my sunglasses arrived, I was eager to take my pink outfit for a spin. When Lizzie kindly invited me to Goodwood Revival earlier this month (where guests are encouraged to dress in vintage attire), I knew I had all the necessary pieces for a 70s-inspired ensemble - pink River Island suit, pink sunglasses, and a blue floral shirt from Hawes & Curtis. Yet nothing prepared me for the excitement of discovering the All Things Hair pop-up salon would match my outfit flawlessly. Please don't mind me, ladies, while I set up my self-timer and perch nonchalantly beneath this hair-dryer. It was style blogger serendipity.

Goodwood Revival Goodwood Revival Goodwood Revival Goodwood Revival Goodwood Revival Goodwood Revival Goodwood Revival  
Ray-Ban sunglasses courtesy of EyeWearThese.com, however all views are my own

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