17 August 2011

En route to London Fashion Week!

In spite of my doubts, I shall be going to London Fashion Week after all! Having e-mailed press officers for various designers, Paula Anton of DAKS was kind enough to offer two tickets for myself and my female BAMMJ counterpart, Rosanna Cole.

DAKS at London Fashion Week A/W 11 (Image source: londonfashionweek.co.uk)
We both thought it was remarkable that we managed to secure tickets for a catwalk show, but hey, we're not complaining. However, I guess it did help that Paula happened to have studied at Bournemouth University herself.

Having watched the DAKS A/W 11 show online back in February, I can say with certainty that their S/S 12 collection is bound to be amazing. The autumn/winter pieces were not only fashionable, but also practical for the season they were styled for. And I can imagine the same quality has been put into the latest collection.

So yes, Unlimited by JK is on its way to London Fashion Week, so expect lots of photos! Perhaps I might even be able to style-spot a celebrity or two, who knows? And because Rosanna and myself are Fashion Editor and Co-Editor respectively for Nerve* at Bournemouth University, we'll also feature exclusive articles in Nerve* Magazine.

Remember to watch this space in a month's time!

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