18 April 2012

SJB fashion show

Whilst at home in Woking, I yesterday attended a fashion show at my former secondary school. The show - in which my sister was modelling (third photo) - was organised by two sixth form students, Letizia and Georgia, whose aim was to raise money for their trips to Malawi and Lourdes. Of course, the catwalk wasn't on the same scale of prestige as Prada, or as crazy as Kokon To Zai, but it was nonetheless entertaining and evident of hard work.

The catwalk featured colour, vintage, and grunge rock fashions, styled with clothes and accessories from vintage fairs, charity shops and student donations. Much to the glee of the audience, there was also a special appearance from the teachers dressed in onesies. Clothes and jewellery seen in the show were then later sold to raise even more money.

(P.S. If you are wondering about the Instagram-like edits, the lighting in the school hall wasn't great, which meant I had to fiddle around with Picasa, thus producing the effects you see here. Like/dislike?)


  1. I love the first couple of dresses :) and your sister is so pretty, I wish my hair looked like that :) I quite like the instagram-my effects actually, although I'm not normally a fan of the filters...

  2. Hi Joe, I have copied a few of your photos to stick in my sketchbooks to document the fashion show. Hope you don't mind! Letizia xx


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