16 August 2012

Blogging break in Kassiopi

Shock, horror! JK is taking a break from blogging?!

As my coursemates and close friends will appreciate, I never seem to take a break from Unlimited by JK, due in part to being a workaholic. However, I will be flying to Corfu for a two-week holiday tomorrow, which means I cannot maintain my blog on such a regular basis. Do not worry, I will still be scheduling content for you to read and review, although every other day instead of daily.

I do hope you have enjoyed my daily blog posts over the past three months. It is amazing how proactive I have been to get so many photos, even if it has lightened my wallet. Daily blogging will resume from Saturday 1st September and shall hopefully continue for many months, following the much anticipated London Fashion Week.

In the meantime, a final request for you to vote for Unlimited by JK in the Cosmopolitan Blog Awards. If you did not see my previous blog post and many tweets, my blog has been shortlisted for "best established fashion blog", which is fantastic recognition. So if you can spare two minutes, please visit the Cosmopolitan UK website and vote!

Anyway, you will hear from me soon enough. Enjoy the rest of your summer. I will come back with lots of photos to share, maybe even a rare shot of me in my swimming trunks. But we shall see. Toodle-pip!

1 comment:

  1. That's it JK, keep them coming back for more with the promise of trunk photos! Haha.

    Have an awesome time - don't think about anything and let yourself relax! Oh...and take me with you please?! Girl needs a holiday.


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