31 July 2012

Vote for Unlimited by JK [VIDEO]

As you may have heard, Unlimited by JK has been shortlisted for "best established fashion blog" in this year's Cosmopolitan Blog Awards. Although the initial euphoria has since died down, I am still chuffed to see my blog gain some well-deserved recognition.

Funnily, I am the only male blogger and street style photographer in my category, which just goes to show that Cosmopolitan are not just looking out for the traditional, female orientated, personal style blogs. Is this an advantage for me? Maybe.

Please share this blog post, or the video below, and do also remember to vote, which you can complete via the following link: www.cosmopolitan.co.uk/blog-awards-2012-vote

(P.S. It would appear I pull odd faces when I talk.)


  1. Big luck to you, dude, be great to see you win it!


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