22 December 2012

Raincoat & Dr Martens

The one thing I genuinely dislike about the rain is how it discourages us from going outside. If I am stuck indoors, I feel I have wasted a day, even if my day has involved writing my dissertation and editing photos. I guess I don't like being confined. And now that I am back home in Surrey after three-months away at university, there is so much around me to re-visit and re-explore.

Raincoat & Dr Martens
Of course, the solution is to wear waterproof clothing. But finding designs that are both practical and stylish was always a challenge. Zara won me over with their trench coat for the simplest of reasons - its hood. Why have a coat when you could have a raincoat?

My boots are an early Xmas present from Dr Martens, after visiting their Bristol store. The eight-eyelet Langston boots are very different to my usual style of footwear, but I am excited to take them for a stroll in Guildford this afternoon. I will review them in greater detail at a later date, perhaps in the new year.

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