21 January 2013

Winter at Oxshott Heath

Snow is a rare and bittersweet substance. When it blankets our country, it isolates us in our homes, and turns travel into treacherous journeys. Yet there is still a magical quality about snowfall, how it transforms our world into a beautiful and wintry scene. A walk yesterday through Oxshott Heath illustrated as much. 

Joseph Kent, Winter at Oxshott Heath
Oxshott Heath has ever held a place in my childhood memories, when once upon a time it was referred to simply and exclusively as "the woods". Therefore to see this earthy forest metamorphosed into a winter wonderland was a remarkable sight, almost as if I were a Pevensie child stepping into Narnia for the first time.

However, while there is much beauty to be admired in a snowy paradise, it is difficult to ignore frozen fingers. Fellow blogger Stu Bradley mentioned yesterday the absurdity of some fashion bloggers, who compromise practicality for the sake of fashion in this snowy weather. Surely, common sense establishes that a woolly coat and hard-wearing boots are necessities? If good style is an importance, choose garments and accessories which cater for both aesthetic and purpose.

Oxshott Heath Oxshott Heath Oxshott Heath Oxshott Heath Oxshott Heath Oxshott Heath

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