4 January 2013

Importance of a Well-Dressed Man

From my interview with Hilary Rushford

Speaking with Dean Street Society's Hilary Rushford, I asked for her thoughts on the importance of a well-dressed man. In her role as a personal stylist, Hilary aims to build confidence and happiness through the clothes her clients wear - it is as much about feeling good as looking good. And hence she understands that if a man dresses well, there is a positive change in attitude that can lead to new opportunities.

Hilary Rushford photo shoot

"I think it's important everyone dresses well. It's more important for some perhaps than for others. I completely validate that there are people who put on coveralls every day and go to dig the ditches in our streets, so we can drive better.

"But nonetheless, those men go home and take their wives on a date night. And I think it can be in those small ways, like showing your wife you respect her, by getting dressed up for date night.

"Or it can be that you work at a law firm, where they work with really high-end clients, and it does matter that you'll be able to walk into the meeting or courtroom looking like a million bucks, exuding confidence, looking like someone who is at the top of his game.

"We know it matters for politicians, that if you had a politician that was wearing ill-fitting, dated clothes, you would think he was a bit behind the times. And so we appreciate it and understand it in politics, but I think there are so many different career choices that it applies to as well."

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