19 August 2013

Dress-down menswear: Outfit #1

Now and then, I do like to show my face on my blog. I get sent some really cool products to feature and review, but I rarely have the time - or a fellow photographer - to do shoots. However, with two or three personal style blog posts to organise, it was about time I got back into the swing of using a self-timer.

Dress-down menswear
Since most people tend to see me dressed smartly, I am challenging myself to photograph a number of more casual outfits, ones which you might find me wearing at home, or going for a wander around my hometown. The first incorporates my adoration for colour, with slim-leg chinos in a rich teal blue. My suede desert boots are not designed for long walks, but they are comfortable enough for a casual jaunt.

I should also note that this blog post is the first time many of my readers get to see me in my new glasses. Though I am only slightly short-sighted, I do need my glasses to navigate the roads safely, shoot street style, and to see the world in HD quality. After trying on all the frames in Specsavers, this black design proved the most stylish, which was surprising, given they were the cheapest at £25.

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