23 August 2013

Dress-down menswear: Outfit #2

There are some workplaces which offer a "Dress-Down Friday", when employees can don a polo shirt and jeans instead of a suit and tie. At the company for which I am currently interning, every day is a dress-down day, as there isn't a particular dress code. That said, my employer - and anybody else for that matter - will never see me in tracksuit bottoms and a t-shirt. Dressing down does not mean underdressing.

Dressing Down
For my second casual look, I am wearing an ensemble I often wear on days when I expect there to be a lot of walking, such as when I am out shooting street style around London. My most comfortable shoes are Dr Martens Langston Boots, which have a cushioned sole and weatherproof exterior. I have included these with a favoured combination of mine: Cheap Monday skinny jeans and a Topman polka dot jumper.

These jeans are actually my favourite pair, because I have worn and weathered the denim myself. Would you believe the jeans were originally a dark indigo with no fading? Several months and one wash later, they have a natural timeworn look that many retailers would recreate in a factory and sell for £30 and more.

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