10 May 2014

Saturday by the sea

When I first began blogging, I never thought I would make as many new friends as I have done, some of whom I now consider among my closest friends. Last Saturday, I hopped on the train to sunny Southsea to visit my favourite blogger pal, Paige, who I first met two years ago at a Bristol blogger meet. Our friendship came naturally, whether by our mutual love for blogging, or by fateful coincidence that we share the same birthday. If anybody can embrace my quirks and "JK-isms" like Paige can, they are a best friend in my books.

Southsea with Paige Southsea with Paige Southsea with Paige
Southsea with Paige
Southsea with Paige Southsea with Paige Southsea with Paige

Having not seen each other since last year, an afternoon on the seafront was the perfect outing for a catch-up. We lunched in a snazzy café called 'The Belle Isle' (which serves delicious sweet potato fries, I might add), snapped countless photos on a colourful street, and watched the waves crest and crash against the sea wall. We also learnt those typically cute blogger poses aren't so cute when you are a tall and lanky 6ft...

Southsea with Paige
Southsea with Paige

While you're here, I thought I'd mention that I have been shortlisted for "Best Male Style Blogger" in Company Magazine's Style Blogger Awards. If you enjoy Unlimited by JK, I would really appreciate your votes! #VoteJK

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