14 July 2014

Summer Short Piece

When you think of summery outfits, I can imagine a onesie isn't the first image which comes to mind. A stifling jumpsuit in soaring temperatures? JK, please. What I described shortly before Xmas as the comfiest piece of clothing I own won't be so comfortable, when it feels more like a sweaty rag than a cosy all-in-one. That said, kicking back in my OnePiece sure beats mooching about in a dressing gown. Or in the buff, which I've gathered is frowned upon in most family households.

OnePiece Shortpiece

So I decided to try out OnePiece's aptly named "Short Piece" - much like their classic onesie, only less onesie. Cropped legs and lightweight fabric are the key differences in keeping the wearer cooler than a cucumber. In my preferred Chill College Onesie, the colours are neutral, and the hood has also been swapped with a snug shawl collar. My family still comment that I am, once again, sporting an oversized babygrow (if a babygrow resembles a Quarter Quell wetsuit), but why take any notice, when I feel happily lazy in the comfort of my own home?

Fancy a OnePiece for yourself? Until Friday 18th July, receive 15% discount at www.onepiece.co.uk with my exclusive promo code: SUMMERSHORTPIECE.

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