7 December 2013

OnePiece Xmas Onesie

From a two-piece to OnePiece - I bet you never thought you'd see me in a onesie, did you? I was quick to poke fun at them in the past, but those Primark knock-offs have nothing on my heavy-knit jumpsuit, which frankly beats everything else in my winter wardrobe as the snuggest, warmest, and most comfortable piece of clothing I own. (Now, if that isn't a positive review in a paragraph, I don't know what is!)

OnePiece Heavy-Knit Marius Onesie

This winter, onesies rival the traditional Xmas jumper as the go-to outfit on Xmas Day. It sounds wonderfully lazy, yet there is still something profoundly cosy and quaint about wearing a festive knit. OnePiece, inventors of the modern onesie, found a compromise in their Marius Heavy Knit Onesie, by combining the company's original jumpsuit design with the aesthetic of a festive jumper.

As its name suggests, this jumpsuit is made of a heavier material than its siblings, but all the better for keeping the wearer toasty. Whenever I put mine on, I never want to take it off, even if I do look like I am wearing an oversized babygrow. I love the bright colours and wintry pattern, and I love how incredibly comfy it is. I do have one query, however...

OnePiece Heavy-Knit Marius Onesie 
Why the heck does the zipper fasten all the way to the top of the hood? Perhaps people have been known to die from laziness as a consequence of a onesie's sheer comfort, and therefore the garment has been redesigned to double up as a body bag. Suffice it to say, my family take delight in telling me my looks are much improved when I am completely zipped up. Aren't they the kindest?

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