15 October 2014

Jay Briggs SS15: "Melusina"

Jay Briggs SS15

At first glance, there is ultimately something very Black Swan about Jay Briggs' beautiful collection, a spectacle of feathers and lace. However, the inspiration for these extravagant pieces is not the twisted descent of a New York ballet dancer, but rather the fairytale tragedy of a water nymph named Melusina, who concealed her true identity - and the secret of her eternal youth - from her beloved prince and husband.

The Melusina collection is so exquisite and intricately assembled, you might be surprised to hear Jay designed each garment and headpiece by himself, alongside a full-time job, and catching little more than two hours' sleep a night. Evidently, designing a fashion collection isn't all champagne and roses, but Jay's efforts demonstrate that beautiful things come from talent and unbelievable patience.
 Jay Briggs SS15 Jay Briggs SS15 Jay Briggs SS15

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