26 October 2014

Eastpak | #MadeForYourCity

When the guys at Size? and Eastpak asked me to write a feature about why I love my hometown, my heart sank a little. There isn't much I enjoy about Woking. It isn't the most glamorous place in the country, nor is it the most interesting. Heck, the only fun fact is H.G.Wells lived here once upon a time, but even he had the town blown up by aliens in War of the Worlds.

Most of all, Woking represents a part of my life from which I need to move on. As much I love my family (and my many, many cats), my aim has always been to secure a job in London and join my friends in the big city. London is where I want to spend the rest of my young years, until I have to settle down, make JK babies, and find a quiet home in the suburbs.

Eastpak backpack

I love the hustle and bustle of the capital. Not so much when I'm trying to squeeze myself through a throng of slow-moving tourists in Soho, but I love the busy atmosphere all the same. The city is alive with colour, culture, and countless things to see and do.

A visit to Borough Market can never go amiss. The plethora of sweet and savoury aromas brings me close to drooling on every visit. And a casual stroll along the South Bank on a sunny evening is a beautiful walk indeed, especially when you look across the Thames to see the dome of St Paul's Cathedral glowing in golden sunlight. Even better would be a boat ride along the river, although I'd recommend something a little faster than the bog-standard river cruise.

St Paul's Cathedral Borough Market Borough Market Borough Market Borough Market

Across the city, there's Shoreditch and Hoxton, where my eccentricities and sense of style are most at home, alongside the numerous vintage shops, arty bars, and men with curly moustaches. My favourite place to visit is Columbia Road Flower Market on a Sunday. Although the street is jammed with tourists and Londoners alike, and the flowers - as I have discovered - last little more than a week, there are cheerful vibes all around. Buskers play music while parents dance with their children, independent shops and cafés throw open their doors to the Sunday crowds, and the people I stop to photograph are among the friendliest I have ever met.

However, my favourite patch of London is wherever my friends are. I could be rounding up free cocktails at a press party with Tazz, catching up with Adora and Paige over dinner, visiting Verve for the umpteenth time with Maddy, salivating over market food with Georgia, or dancing the night away with Lizzie. They are what makes London so special to me, and why I want to make London my new home.

What do you love about your hometown? Tell Eastpak and Size? for your chance to win a trip to Berlin! Post a photo to Instagram, Twitter or Facebook of yourself in your hometown and wearing an Eastpak backpack, and include the hashtag #madeforyourcity. All entries can be seen at: www.madeforyourcity.com.

Columbia Road Flower Market Columbia Road Flower Market Columbia Road Flower Market Columbia Road Flower Market

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