10 November 2014


Happy blogiversary to me. Here's to another year of endless press e-mails, countless photos, and the occasional party. And how am I spending this very special day? In the most fitting way I know how - editing photos in Adobe Lightroom until my eyes turn square.

Joseph Kent

As if I've been blogging for four years! In that space of time, Maddy has maintained the very same fringe she had in my first blog post, however my confidence and photography have improved in leaps and bounds. These past twelve months were especially fun, having been shortlisted for the Company Style Blogger Awards, attended Paris Fashion Week for the first time, found my perfect barbers (yes, my hair is that important), and finally realised I needn't stress so much over page views or how often I blog.

So what to expect from my fifth year of blogging adventures? As far as fashion month goes, I want to embrace the international circuit - I will be visiting Paris twice more, and hopefully New York in September. I also want to feature a lot more of me on this here blog, since you lovely people appear to find my sense of style weirdly interesting. (Any excuse to buy more snazzy jumpers is fine by me.) But my most ambitious goal this year is to produce a YouTube series. I shan't give away too many details at this time, but I'm now obliged to turn this little dream into a virtual reality.

As always, thank you for your continual support.

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