23 November 2014

Burberry on a budget

Burberry on a budget
How to recreate the Burberry Xmas advert on a budget...

1) Don't hire Romeo Beckham. If £45,000 sounds a little steep for pocket money, give your neighbour's kid a fiver and a can of Red Bull, and he might just turn the Macarena into some crazy street dancing. (Children these days still know the Macarena, right?)

2) Don't bother paying for a professional set. Wherever you're based, you can reproduce the true atmosphere of London by prancing about merrily in the pouring rain, thus drawing bewildered and disapproving glances from passers-by.

3) Don't wear Burberry. That isn't to say I wouldn't love to be sporting the real deal, but as I was discussing with Tazz only the other day, a classic Burberry trench coat costs more than return flights to New York! So until such a time when a beautiful coat doesn't swallow almost an entire month's wages, I think I'll keep to substantially thriftier alternatives, namely a Zara trench coat I bought myself nearly three years ago.

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