17 January 2015

Hentsch Man AW15

Tucked away in Soho's so-called "sex alley" (you know the one), "Peep Show" by Hentsch Man conjured wild images of fetish fashions amongst a provocative presentation. Upon my arrival at the disused sex shop, I was therefore pleasantly surprised - not to mention relieved - to find a colourful collection with intimations of 90s grunge and Americana. No lewd acts or topless models that evening.

Hentsch Man AW15

That isn't to say the show space didn't reflect its former usage. The room was dimly lit, and the walls painted immodestly red. Yet against this bold backdrop, the prints and block colours of Henstch Man AW15 were even louder. Grunge inspiration gives extra masculinity to this collection, although it does not deter from the cleanly cut shapes or premium fabrics. After all, true grunge would never be seen without a few frays around the edges.

Stepping away from the fashion, it made the presentation more enjoyable to see the models relaxed, sipping on beers, and having a boogie to Billie Jean. I only wish more designers would take this approach when showcasing their collections, as Hentsch Man has done every season. Fashion models needn't resonate with the Beefeaters of Buckingham Palace, like walking mannequins forbidden of emotion, seemingly unconnected with the clothes they are wearing. If anything, livelier models encourage a livelier audience.

Hentsch Man AW15 Hentsch Man AW15 Hentsch Man AW15 Hentsch Man AW15

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