29 January 2015

London Sock Company

Socks are the most understated of fashion accessories. Unless you're into that cropped-leg/ankle-swinger look, socks barely see the light of day from the moment you take them out of your drawer. It's almost a shame, really, when there are so many colours and patterns to fancy up your feet. (And I should know, given I have more than fifty pairs.) But socks aren't there to be flaunted in the same way as, say, a printed shirt; more to offer a flutter of personality, much like a pocket square in a suit jacket.

London Sock Company

London Sock Company would certainly agree. This relatively recent addition to the British menswear industry takes inspiration from Victorian elegance to offer a luxury range of colourful and fashionable socks, available to buy from select boutiques or - rather inventively - a monthly "Sock Club" subscription.

Now, I know what you're thinking - "elegance" and "luxury" aren't words you'd often associate with socks. But they're important words if you're aiming for outstanding quality. London Sock Company have developed their first collections in partnership with a century-old sock maker, plus fresh fashion design talent. It's a combination of traditional design and modern ideas. And like the best accessories, the final products are simple, wearable, yet eye-catching. They even have the thumbs up from supermodel and BFC ambassador David Gandy.

Of course, if you're thinking this is all a bit too much hype over socks, then I suggest you carry on wearing your tediously sensible black socks to the office. But I believe every detail counts, even those we may only see when you're sitting at your desk for lunch, and the hems of your trousers are halfway up your calves.

London Sock Company London Sock Company London Sock Company London Sock Company London Sock Company

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